Monday, November 29, 2010

Ok...Now I am begging!

I don't know if it is just a lack of people blogging these days..or what.... But I am begging, pleading and desperately asking all of my friends and family who looks at this blog to PLEASE add our button that connects people to our adoption blog! It is so important to us and I worked really hard on that blog! Many of you also have friends that have very HIGH traffic on there blogs and that would be Awesome if they saw our button on your blog and then wanted to do the same!
Please....If you have ever thought to yourself for just a second how lucky you are to be a parent..please help me become one!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adoption Blog

Hello Blogger Friends!!
( was so nice to see you on Saturday!)
I have finally created a blog dedicated for adoption purposes. I have added a link on the side that will take you there. PLEASE add to your blog and ask others add it to there's. We so appreciate all of the help we can get. Morgan and I feel so extremely blessed in our lives and have so many wonderful people in our lives. We have waited a very long time for a baby and really want this to be the year. It is so hard to have everyone know everything but...its about the process. We dream about the day we will be placed with a baby through the MIRACLE of adoption.
PLEASE help us and ask others to help us. There are thousands of couples that want to adopt and the best way to find your birth mom is to network!!
Thanks Again!!!

the link is...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Cutter Show

Does anyone know what I mean by cutter show? If not I will explain....
A cutter show is a TV/Movie Program that you watch and it makes you want to cut your wrists, pop your eyeballs out, throw heavy and sharp objects at the TV. Usually people close to you know what your cutter show is and when they walk into the room and catch you watching it they say, "Seriously Brittney, Why are you watching this again?" Well that might just be what I hear but others "Might" understand what I am talking about.
Well now that I have explained that.....I am about to announce my cutter show...
in 3....2.....1.....
Teen Mom
on MTV
I am obsessed with this show....obsessed might not really cut it. On Thursday we were playing with our nieces the flower shop game (explanation later). Well Morgan and I acted out an entire scene from Teen Mom and the nieces had no idea what we were talking about. They did think we were so funny though.
Teen Mom is a reality show that follows the lives of teenagers that were first on 16 and Pregnant and it has now been 2 years and they are now 18 and 19.
Well I would like to take this time to address them personally....(I know I am crazy, you do not need to tell me.)

Dear Caitlin and Tyler,

I have to list you first because you are my most very very favorite!! You two are wiser beyond your years. As a woman who prays everyday to adopt a baby, I wish that EVERY teenager in America would watch a full hour of you both. I am so proud of the choices you have made and have watched you both grow into the most wonderful, responsible people! Your little Carly will be grateful everyday for the choices you made!
When I watch the way your Mom treats you Caitlin it makes me want to move you here, put you in my guest bedroom and hug you everyday!
I cried and cried when I watched your reunion with Carly and her adoptive parents. They have so much gratitude for you both. You both have changed there lives and they will forever love you!!

Dear Maci,

It was sad to watch your break-up and I am sad that you moved away from your family and friends just to have your heart broken. You are such a good little Mom. Out of You, Farrah and Amber you are by far the best little Mom. I hope you and Ryan can co-parent together and create a happy environment for Bently.

Dear Farrah,

When you are reading a 4 page letter to your one year old daughter and she looses interest...DO NOT GET MAD AT HER. She is only one! I would tune you out after the first page and I am 29! I know you try very hard but you can not quit therapy. You need therapy! Your Mom is a little crazy, I will give you that. But C'mon...Be Nice!! And for the love!!...Please stop calling your Dad by his first name.

Dear Amber,

You are such a MESS! If I knew where you lived I would drive there and offer you every penny I have to let me adopt your daughter! The fact that you freaked out at Gary because he didn't want your stranger boyfriend changing Lea's diaper pretty much explains it all. Get off the freaking couch and play with your poor, cute, beautiful daughter . When I see her crying at the door and I see you yelling at her (from the couch) to stop....well...(that is the point I want to cut myself, throw something, pop my eyeballs out)
I could dedicate a entire post just to you...but...I am a classy lady! I actually have to stop thinking about you because I am getting so mad!!

So there you have it....judge away. I don't even care!
Thank You MTV for putting such quality programs on TV. Especially though my husband Thanks You!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Guest Bedroom

In August Morgan and I went to Portland for a little Vacation. My boss was generous enough to give me a $500 bonus for working there for FIVE whole years. Awesome huh....So off to Portland we went. In Portland is one of my most favorites stores....WEST ELM.

This is where the post starts...
I had a empty bedroom
(Actually I had been waiting to turn this into a babies room. It wasn't really this
empty. I had thrown a bed in there. Well I was sick of waiting and needed
a project.)
So it all started when my eyes landed on this...

So I said to Morgan...I think we should give the guest room
a face lift.
So we bought this...
(At IKEA for only $89)

Added some books, cute little items I found at
Crate & Barrel (another favorite) and West Elm.
The Small vases were at Crate & Barrel for only 19.99 (set of 3)
and the rocks we found on the beach in Oregon on our 6th wedding anniversary.
The vase holding rocks is from West Elm for only $9.99 (On Sale)

The side tables and lamps I got from our bedroom. I painted the side tables white.
I like them so much better in this space.
The mirrors were found at IKEA (for $40 each) but painted to match.

I wanted to make the book shelf stand out a little more so I found
some wallpaper for $5 and lined the back. I think it adds a little somethin!
I actually found a roll of wallpaper that I fell in love with but it was...$389...
So I compromised.

The finished result...

So with Paint and Supplies this room makeover cost me about $350.
So Thanks Dr. Nelson!
It was totally worth it, because now instead of seeing a space that was always waiting...
I see a beautiful room!
So if anyone needs a place to crash once in a while...
your room is ready!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

This day...

I am writing this with tears streaming down my cheeks. Today my Heavenly Father touched me on the shoulder and I felt him with me. I felt his gentle reminder that he is with me. I sometimes forget...often in fact. I forget that he knows me and that he knows my heart. I forget that sometimes I am a Daughter of God. Words that I was taught such a long time ago but never really thought they would play such a vital role in my life.
So this day...I remember...
I am a Daughter of God
I am a Women
a Wife
a Daughter
a Sister
a Friend
an Aunt!
I am rich with blessings!
My heart is so full with gratitude for my life. I complain so often and wonder why certain things don't happen for me. For that I am ashamed. For the times I have felt forgotten and unheard. I know that my Heavenly Father gives me those times for a purpose. To allow me to reflect and to get a small glimpse of the bigger picture. For that I am truly grateful!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well I didn't do what I wanted to do the month of july. The month of July was a hard month for me...I found my old bitter self. She came back and stayed a while. I don't know how or what exactly snapped me out of it...I am just so grateful that I did.
Morgan and I had our sixth wedding anniversary on August 5th. We went to Portland for a week and stayed with some family. It was so nice to run away from our day to day life. I needed that break from myself!
Then when we got home our caseworker said it was that time of year that we needed to update all of our adoption records. Which made me really sad because it has been 2 years that we decided to try and adopt. When Morgan and I were sitting in our parenting classes we were listening to these couples that waited 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and we looked at each other and said, "That will not be us, This is going to happen." We were so confident that it would just be a matter of a SMALL amount of time.
We are still waiting!
My heart and mind are so full of thoughts right now that I just want to shout out to the world right now....I just don't know how to say them!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I am Grateful for.....


1. That tomorrow is Thursday!

2. That after tomorrow I don't work until Monday.

3. That Tuesday my Rikki Mark is coming back to work!

Yea... it was one of those days!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am Grateful for.....

oK Ok ok....I know I have not started this whole month of being positive very well...but...I am back on track now. The holiday weekend took up all my time. Today though I really needed the help to be positive and to find gratitude in my life so...


1. Pepsi... If I had a dollar for how many times I have given up Pepsi I would be able to buy so much pepsi. I love the stuff! After a long day of telling my good side and bad side to shut the heck up, I am exhausted. The thought of the pepsi waiting for me at home makes my drive seem like I am floating on a cloud. The even better part is that my hubby pores me a glass of the brown bubbly goodness in the correct cup, perfect amount of ice and my straw. That man knows just what I like! (Insert nudge nudge wink wink)
Pepsi should hire me to campaign for them! Pepsi would rule the world!

2. IKEA! This would have been my #1 all weekend but Pepsi rains supreme today! I heart IKEA so much! If you know me you know that I have purchased a great deal of goods from IKEA. People instead of asking me where I got a certain thing they ask, Did you get this at IKEA? Like they should automatically assume that all things in my home are from IKEA. Which they should but I do like other stores, Crate and Baral, West Elm, Target, Pottery Barn. But IKEA does rain supreme!
I want a job at IKEA! I want to be a room designer there. I think I would be excellent for the job. So I am going to take pictures of all of my IKEA spaces and send it to them with my resume. In the mean time if anyone would like me to be there personal shopper and help them IKEA-a-fie a room in there home....I am available!

3. My IPhone! This is a luxury that I am soon going to have to give up due to the recent job loss and incredible downsize of our income. So in the meantime I am going to enjoy it as long as I can.

I know these are pretty worldly was just one of those days! Tomorrow I am going to really try to see the bigger picture. Wish me luck!

Friday, July 2, 2010

For Sale

Our friends Anna and Mason are selling their condo downtown. When I say downtown...I mean downtown. It is right behind the conference center. I love the location! I also love the inside of this place. They have done such a great job decorating and updating! So if you know anyone who is interested you can check out more pictures on their blog.

I am Grateful for.....

July 1, 2010

1. Red Mango! My new favorite treat! And there is no quilt when I am eating it!! If you have not tried must! I should get free Red Mango for how many times I mention it via blog and facebook.

2. That I started my own business. This was a huge dream of mine and I never thought it would happen. Please help me spread the word and tell everyone and anyone...Check out my blog.

3. My Mama! If it wasn't for her motivation and encouragement we would not have a striving business together. Mom you are the best business partner ever!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Does anyone blog anymore?.....

....I definitely do not! I have been anti blogging lately.
If you know or read my blog you would probably not be surprised to know that, I am not the most positive person. I know...right..Shocking!
Well times are a changin!
I have decided that my challenge for the month of July that I am going to blog EVERY day 3 things I am grateful for that day. So here goes...(I might include some blogs in between that might have some negative but those don't count.)

I am grateful for....
1. My Savior Jesus Christ! I had a minute today as I was driving home from work to reflect on my relationship with my Savior. He who has saved me from many things. I am so grateful for his constant presence in my life. I know he is with me in all things. I am grateful that no matter how many times I question...why...why...why... I am reminded that he loves me. He died for me! And he lives for me!
2. Random acts of kindness. Morgan and I received a very generous gift from an unknown person or group of persons. We are so so very grateful that people are concerned for us and willing to help us. Thank you to who ever you are!!
3. My husband Morgan James! He is the LOVE of my life! This trial has brought us closer together. The other night we were reflecting on our life and talking about other couple especially newlyweds. And we have always felt like we just got married. Well as we were reflecting on our almost 7 years together as a couple we realized we have a MARRIAGE! A solid one to! We are an old married couple that just simply really likes being around the other person. He is still my very best friend and the person I would choose to spend all my time with! Heavenly Father definitely knew what he was doing when he put the two of us together. I have a husband and a dog and we are just the cutest little family!

p.s. I am also grateful that my hubby just read this blog and fixed all my grammar mistakes.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I have contemplated what I should title this entry...
I have come up with the following list...
(I will let you choose)

A. Holy Crap
B. Kicked to the Ground, Then kicked in the face, The spit in the face!
C. What the beep beep beepity beep!
D. Wow...What...Why....What the Hell?

May 6th
Morgan and I hooked up with a Private Adoption Agency! Huge step for us! Talking to the director she said the average waiting time for couples is 2-8 weeks. Yes I said WEEKS!!!
Then after talking about the fee we decided if its going to will work out!
May 10th
After talking with family come up with a plan to make it happen. Divine intervention happens and Brittney cries and cries overwhelmed with blessings!
May 11th
Start all paperwork to start process...hoping to get this process started as soon as possible!
May 13th
Finish all paperwork! Just waiting for updated home visit with caseworker the next day. So excited!! Spend the whole night talking and planning. Feeling like...Wow! This might really happen!!
May 14th
Morgan gets laid off from job!
Brittney cries and cries! Not feeling very blessed.

So once again the craps! So frustrated with everything in my life! Cant even describe the amount of bitterness and pain I have inside!
As I am sitting here numb to everything going on around me...
I feel like I can bounce back from things pretty good. I am afraid I wont bounce back from this. I feel defeated!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Big Business"---Shout out to Kelly!

It has always been a complete dream of mine to open my own business.
Well after the last couple of weddings I have done for family and friends...I have done it!
My Mom and I decided to join talents and start our own floral business.

As of right now we are only specializing in wedding/party arrangements due to our schedules. We do have BIG plans though!
I am so excited and this has just been the biggest blessing in my life right now!
Everyone please check out our blog
So if anyone know anyone who might be interested....
Let me know!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aunt Britt

I L O V E B E I N G A N A U N T ! !

And I mean who wouldn't to these two little ladies!

Every Friday (mostly) The little one, who just turned
shows up at my house bright and early. She is not in the mood
to converse but she does love to cuddle!
As she is rubbing her eyes she says to me,
Britt, Can we watch the cake show?
Then we curl up on the couch for our favorite show
on the food network, Ace of Cakes.
When she is a little more awake she says,
Where is my Mable?

For the next little while we hang out, run errands, clean, whatever.

Then we drive out to pick up the SEVEN year old!

Pull up to her school and wait to see her bopping through the doors.

She pulls the door open and says,
Hi Aunt Britt!
Music to my ears!

Then she goes on to tell me what she had for lunch,
what she learned
What are we going to eat?

Then the rest of the day is filled with whatever fun
activity we can think of with lots of hugs and kisses.
(Hugs from the 5 year old and kisses from the 7 year old)

These two little people are on my list of my
Top Favorite People!

My list of favorite quotes or conversations from the ladies:
(In no particular order)

Britt: These will be your last pictures with all of your teeth.
(Said to the 7 year old)
5 year old: Yea, then you will have an ugly smile!
(Said face from the 7 year old)

Uncle Morgie you fart A LOT!
(Said more then once)

Said when she was 3 years old
7 Year old: Brin-tey, We are best friends, huh?

Said last october when baby did not come to our house
As I was showing them a couple things I had bought for said baby.
5 Year old holds up the pink striped jumber and screams,

When picking out our dog Mable the 7 year old says,
Look..She has freckles like us!

Sometimes I will hear from the 5 year old
"I love you Sissie!

I was talking to the 5 year old about her not getting any
bigger and just staying a 4 year old forever she says to me,

I can't cause I drink a lot of milk!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Drum Roll Please....(Part 2)

I want to say Thank You for all of those who posted on there blog and facebook for us! You all had such nice things to say and I REALLY appreciate it! Anyway we can get the word out the better!
Sorry I am posting this so late...I kind of totally forgot!

The winner of the amazing facial is...

Cassie B

Again thank you to all who posted for us! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Drum Roll Please.......1 0 0

Ladies and Gents this is my 100th post! I have been wanting to post about Valentines Day but have been waiting because I knew I was on 100! I wanted to do something really special for this 100th post!
For this 100th post I am offering a PRIZE!This prize is a Crystal Free Microdermabrasion Skin Bella Facial. This type of facial retails for over $300. At my dental office we have full service spa in our office. I have had this facial many times and LOVE IT!! A huge perk working there and I have taken full advantage. It leaves my face feeling so soft and I truly feel like my skin is glowing! The entire facial takes 1 hour and 30 minutes and you will walk away feeling like a new person. (Click on the image above to get more details about this facial and our spa services.)
So here is the deal....
I want to get the word out about Morgan and I wanting to adopt a baby! We have had a unsuccessful year on the adoption front and want to get the word out! I need your help...
Here is what you do....
Post a picture of Morgan and I (from our blog) and the link to either our own blog or our adoption profil which is to the left under, Its about love. You could link people to both which would be awesome! Then comment on this post that you have done so and I will put your name in for this A W E S O M E spa experience.
Side note...You may get this facial for yourself or it can be gifted to someone else.

I really apreciate any of you who participate in this! We need all of the help we can get! I will draw a name on March 1st!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

LoVe lOvE LOVE!!!

I was looking thru old pictures on the computer and ran across some that I thought would be appropraite to share this month.
My husband has always been good at Valentines Day...
When He and I were just friends I was writing to a missionary that I was fond of and Morgan had roses delivered to my work. He wrote on the card, "I know there not from ____ but, they are the next best thing." I mean come on! Why didnt I just see it then!
So on Valentines Day 7 years ago my husband gave me my first "real" Valentines Day.
That morning I made him breakfast and gave him some cookies I had made and then we went and saw...I think...50 first dates. Then he disappeared and said be ready at 7 and dress nice. I am taking you somewhere really nice for dinner.
He picked me up and in the car said that he had forgot his wallet and needed to go back to his house. So we get there he says I will just run in. So I'm waiting in the car and he comes out and says, Come and see how cute Rorie looks. (Rorie is our neice who was 1 then) He knew I would not argue to seeing her cute little face.
So we walk in his parents front door and the pictures below are what I saw....
(It would be better if I could ever figure out how to download them in the order I would like!)

There were paper hearts everywhere, as well as candles. We had a very romantic dinner and then danced in his kitchen. It was AWESOME! As we were dancing, I just cried. I had never had someone who put so much thought and time into something for me! I had never felt so special!

Everyone gave Morgan a hard time saying that he set his bar to high and he would never catch up to it again....
Babe....Are you going to let that be true?
I kind of posted this to challenge him a little bit. I am a sucker for Valentines Day!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Reason #79 why I am in L O V E with Morgan James Thompson.....

We went to IKEA last night with my sister Megan and as we were shopping around.....

Morgan pointed something out for our house...

Me: Umm I dont know

Morgan: Yea...It doesn't really go with our color scheme.

And then I leaned in and gave him a kiss and said, "That is why I love you!" How many men say Color Scheme? He does though. Because my husband has incredible good taste and he is very artistic. I am so lucky to be married to him! And that is why one day you will see on an amazing building...Designed by Morgan Thompson.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


This is a pretty random post but has really been on my mind the last week. So Sunday night I settled in for the night to watch me some Golden Globes. I do enjoy the award season mostly for the clothes. Well this year with everything that was going on in the world knew that there would be things spoken about the recent earthquake in Haiti.
When the show started I quickly noticed that most all of the stars were wearing ribbons. Obviously to raise awareness. Because that is what gets my attention...a ribbon fastened to a woman's hip as to no distract from her 40,000$ gown.
Well the awards started and I was really enjoying it. Then they had a couple of well known actors give a speech how we "normal people' could go online and give as much money as we could spare to help Haiti.
I am not against giving! I do and will give as much as I can to the relief efforts for that poor country. My heart breaks for those people and what they have lost. I am especially saddened by the thousands of children without parents. I would take as many as they would let me if I could!!
I am though against....Actors who get paid MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars asking me to give money. If everyone in that stinkin room would give 1 million dollars of there "hard earned" money. They could completely re-build that country.
I think it was a Su'a Sister who said that the most political they got was waiving a peace sign in a picture (I have been dying to use that line), well that is me! I am not a very political person, but I was really bugged by this! So what I am really saying is....Put your money where your mouth is!