Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aunt Britt

I L O V E B E I N G A N A U N T ! !

And I mean who wouldn't to these two little ladies!

Every Friday (mostly) The little one, who just turned
shows up at my house bright and early. She is not in the mood
to converse but she does love to cuddle!
As she is rubbing her eyes she says to me,
Britt, Can we watch the cake show?
Then we curl up on the couch for our favorite show
on the food network, Ace of Cakes.
When she is a little more awake she says,
Where is my Mable?

For the next little while we hang out, run errands, clean, whatever.

Then we drive out to pick up the SEVEN year old!

Pull up to her school and wait to see her bopping through the doors.

She pulls the door open and says,
Hi Aunt Britt!
Music to my ears!

Then she goes on to tell me what she had for lunch,
what she learned
What are we going to eat?

Then the rest of the day is filled with whatever fun
activity we can think of with lots of hugs and kisses.
(Hugs from the 5 year old and kisses from the 7 year old)

These two little people are on my list of my
Top Favorite People!

My list of favorite quotes or conversations from the ladies:
(In no particular order)

Britt: These will be your last pictures with all of your teeth.
(Said to the 7 year old)
5 year old: Yea, then you will have an ugly smile!
(Said face from the 7 year old)

Uncle Morgie you fart A LOT!
(Said more then once)

Said when she was 3 years old
7 Year old: Brin-tey, We are best friends, huh?

Said last october when baby did not come to our house
As I was showing them a couple things I had bought for said baby.
5 Year old holds up the pink striped jumber and screams,

When picking out our dog Mable the 7 year old says,
Look..She has freckles like us!

Sometimes I will hear from the 5 year old
"I love you Sissie!

I was talking to the 5 year old about her not getting any
bigger and just staying a 4 year old forever she says to me,

I can't cause I drink a lot of milk!


Kelly Stubbs said...

So Cute! They are ADORABLE little girls :)

The Allen Family said...

What funny girls. And so cute! And you sure sound like a fun Aunt!!

Meg said...

I love those lil girls!! So Stinking cute!

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness, they are so cute!!!

Sara (Ferreira) Haslam said...

Just so dang cute!!