Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am Grateful for.....

oK Ok ok....I know I have not started this whole month of being positive very well...but...I am back on track now. The holiday weekend took up all my time. Today though I really needed the help to be positive and to find gratitude in my life so...


1. Pepsi... If I had a dollar for how many times I have given up Pepsi I would be able to buy so much pepsi. I love the stuff! After a long day of telling my good side and bad side to shut the heck up, I am exhausted. The thought of the pepsi waiting for me at home makes my drive seem like I am floating on a cloud. The even better part is that my hubby pores me a glass of the brown bubbly goodness in the correct cup, perfect amount of ice and my straw. That man knows just what I like! (Insert nudge nudge wink wink)
Pepsi should hire me to campaign for them! Pepsi would rule the world!

2. IKEA! This would have been my #1 all weekend but Pepsi rains supreme today! I heart IKEA so much! If you know me you know that I have purchased a great deal of goods from IKEA. People instead of asking me where I got a certain thing they ask, Did you get this at IKEA? Like they should automatically assume that all things in my home are from IKEA. Which they should but I do like other stores, Crate and Baral, West Elm, Target, Pottery Barn. But IKEA does rain supreme!
I want a job at IKEA! I want to be a room designer there. I think I would be excellent for the job. So I am going to take pictures of all of my IKEA spaces and send it to them with my resume. In the mean time if anyone would like me to be there personal shopper and help them IKEA-a-fie a room in there home....I am available!

3. My IPhone! This is a luxury that I am soon going to have to give up due to the recent job loss and incredible downsize of our income. So in the meantime I am going to enjoy it as long as I can.

I know these are pretty worldly things....but....it was just one of those days! Tomorrow I am going to really try to see the bigger picture. Wish me luck!


Cassie said...

Mmm... pepsi...

And Ikea! I bought a table and chairs from there just last week!