Monday, June 27, 2011

How we met...

So where do I start....
Well I guess from the beginning...
On December 22nd we went to our friends house Eric and Amber to meet there new baby Mason. As we left Morgan and I got in the car and looked at each other...we gave a look like, who is going to have to say it first. And that "it" wasn't, I want a baby or when are we going to have a baby like it usually was...the "it" was, I am exhausted just watching them! It was then that we decided that if it was just going to be the two of us for the rest of our lives that...wait for it...we would be ok! It had taken us 6 years to even say the words let alone actually believe it....and we did believe it.
So there we were the next night December 23rd eating some dinner talking about what we needed to pack for our cruise, when I got a text. The text said...
Hi my name is Erica, heard that you want to adopt a baby?
It was at that point that I looked straight up and said, Lord you really do have a sense of humor.
Let me back up...about a month before my brother had called me at work and said that his co-worker had a friend that was wanting to place a baby for adoption. She had picked another couple but was feeling frustrated with them. My brother asked if he could give her some info about us. I had just finished our adoption blog and so I told him to give her that info and if she wanted to get a hold of us then he could give her my number. After that I immediately put it out of my mind...this had happened lots of times and nothing ever came from it so it was automatic for me to forget. Well after that Erica looked at our blog and wanted to meet us. My brother would only give her our info if she was 100% serious about this. He didn't want to get my hopes up for nothing...what a good brother I have!
So back to the text...
We started texting just little things and decided to meet for dinner when we got back from our cruise. On June 8th we meet at our favorite mexican restaurant Morelias. Well she knew what we looked like but we had no idea what she looked like. We walked in and there she was. They tell you when you start the adoption process that you will find YOUR birth mom. Well I had no reason to believe that until this point...I knew she was the one like I knew that I wanted to marry Morgan. Dinner was amazing..barely ate felt like we were having dinner with friends. At dinner she gave me ultra sound pictures of the little babe. (Earlier in the week she had called us to tell us that she had found out that it was a baby boy.) We didn't talk about any specific things we just told funny stories and tried to get to know each other. After dinner was over Morgan and I sat in the car and cried. The tears didn't come right away they came after a long silence. I sat there feeling so many emotions...emotions I still can not put into words.
We started texting almost every day, went bowling and Dr appointments. I was able to go to her 20 week ultra sound...sat there with my mouth wide open, completely amazed of what a miracle pregnancy was.
Erica became a part of our family, we still feel that way. Going through her pregnancy (well 26 weeks of it) with her was bitter sweet. She would send me the sweetest texts that would say, We both miss you..Gavin needs to hear his Mommy's voice. Heavenly Father carried us through this. It felt so natural...I truly felt that my Heavenly Father had brought her to me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All Mine

Let me introduce our Son
Gavin James Thompson
Born 06.08.2011
4:24 am
6 lbs 3 oz 19 in

Officially joined our family

More posts coming very soon....