Monday, June 8, 2009

So really fast I have to share this really cute story...
Yesterday I had my entire family over for dinner and I was reading a letter that we are going to send out to all of our family and friends letting them know how they can help connect us to a birth mom. Well I was reading this to my Mom and Aunt Kristy. Well my cousin Riley who is 9 was also listening. I read the letter and this is what happened....
After a minute of Riley not saying anything he says...

Riley: Mom, I wonder if Shauna wants to keep her baby.
Aunt Kristy (Mom): (With a shocked look) Yea Ri, I think she wants to keep her baby.

She then looks at me and whispers, That's our bishops wife. We all busted out laughing except for Riley. He was totally serious! He said, "She has like 6 kids already".
Thanks Riley for watching out for me! So if you are pregnant and a 9 year old, blonde hair boy comes up to you and asks you if you want to keep your baby. Don't be offended, he just really wants his cousin to get a baby! I love you Riley!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

This is what happens when you don't lock the kennel and then leave the dog for 5 hours..UNSUPERVISED....

This is what my pillow looked like before Mable....

This is what it looked like after....

Have you ever developed like 200 pictures off of your camera and then gone through them and put them in piles of how you want to put them in your scrapbook? Well I bet you never thought your dog would climb up on your desk and destroy all of those piles....

Only those who backcomb there hair would understand this major loss! This is my most favorite "Big Hair" comb...RIP!
And you had better believe that I told Morgan...I told you so!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mommy Club Part 2

I feel like I should title these long drawn out blog entry's the same thing. Only because...if you see the title you will say to yourself....Brittney is a bummer today and you will click the back button on your computer and move on to someone else's blog. Full of love, joy and overwhelming happiness.
As a in-fertile person...I have some bad days. Not like any of you people reading this dont have your bad days...I fully acknowledge that everyone has them and everyone has there own problems. I just feel like I am in a club and I am one of those nerdy girls that everyone is nice to but really hopes to never be caught alone with that girl afraid she will invite you do something.
Today I am sad, I am feeling sorry for myself. I am starting to become im-patient again. Yes, I said AGAIN! I thought that I had gotten over all of this (in-fertile) stuff. YEA RIGHT!! I was in deep denial!! I know that I have every right to be im-patient and sad. The thing that scares me is that....I was once in a very bitter deeply sad place in my life. I call it...Fertility Hell!! I am so afraid that I am on my way back there. I do not want to be that person! I want to be able to know that when people I know (Especially people I deeply care for) announces to me that they are expecting there bundle of joy, I will have a lagitimate smile on my face. How sad for the person on the other end who is so excited to tell a person like me that they are prego and I immediatly bust into tears. BUZZ KILL! People that are expecting should be excited, Hell..I would be shouting it from the roof tops! I would put it on the jumbo tron and the next sporting event. IN-FERTILE BRITTNEY THOMPSON...CENCEIVES CHILD!! It would be on the news! I don not want to go back to that person!
I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father who lets me have these days, moments and hours to feel sorry for myself. Because without fail, he lets me and then he immediatly wraps his arms around me! I am just in the feeling sorry for myself stage. I need a miracle to happen! I need to have that....It was totally worth it moment! I need to not be that nerdy girl who wants into the Mommy Club so badly! I need to be that Mom who remembers the days without the craziness.
Thanks for letting me share my feelings! My poor husband...All he can say now is...I know Honey!

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