Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Big Business"---Shout out to Kelly!

It has always been a complete dream of mine to open my own business.
Well after the last couple of weddings I have done for family and friends...I have done it!
My Mom and I decided to join talents and start our own floral business.

As of right now we are only specializing in wedding/party arrangements due to our schedules. We do have BIG plans though!
I am so excited and this has just been the biggest blessing in my life right now!
Everyone please check out our blog
So if anyone know anyone who might be interested....
Let me know!


Kelly Stubbs said...

Hooray for Big Business! (what a great movie :) Good luck in your new venture, I know you'll do great!!!!!

The Allen Family said...

Wow Brit! Those arrangements are amazing! I may have a sister who would be interested... :) She has no date set yet, but sometime in the future.

Amber and Eric said...

Brit, you are awesome! I love the new blog. I hope you get some big business!

Lyndee said...

How fun! we will have to recommend each other :)

AngiDe said...

Whoa! I mean WHOA! I didn't know you were so talented! Those are some amazing arrangements! I iwhs you and your mom the best of success in your business endevors ;)


Danielle said...

That is so awesome Britt! You will be so extremely good at this. Mike's brother is getting married soon, I'll tell his fiance about you. And, my sis might be getting married in the next 6 months or so too, so if she does, I'll tell my mom to for sure use you!!!!!