Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Babies Room!!!

Can you imagine how much joy that brings me even just typing it....
Last year I kind of gave up on ever having a baby and turned the empty room into a beautiful guest room...well only 1 year and 4 months later we found out we would finally be getting a baby. So we started planning what we would want this room to look like. And if you know me...I don't do anything small. And even though I had been imagining this room for...oh 6 years..I actually started picking things out..that I could buy!! No more dreamin!!

The bedding that inspired the color scheme...
Thank You Target!!

My most favorite room/project that I have EVER done!

This was easier then it looks...
And I can say that Morgan...because I painted the darn thing!

My most favorite thing in this room....
the beautiful baby that occupies it!
Love him..Like crazy love him!!

More images of Baby Room.....

This chair was given to me from My Grandparents that I
had recovered in a fabric that would match the room.
It is the most comfy chair...I find myself falling asleep in it..lots!

My favorite part of the room...
I see this picture every time I walk into this room.
So when I am feeding the babe at 2am I see her beautiful face...
and I am reminded why I am so blessed to be feeding that sweet baby!

Dresser that we turned into a changing table as well!

This is a family portrait of Morg, Gavin and I...
My 6year old niece Peighton was the artist!

Re-used the frames I had in the guest room.

Friday, July 15, 2011

His Birth Story

The day that changed my life...

So the plan was set...when Erica went into labor she would call us to let us know. We would wait at home until she got closer to delivery. Well it was Tuesday and I was at work taking a nap (awesome) and my phone rang...with her name in BOLD letters. Side Note: I was only taking a nap because the night before I was up all night passing a kidney stone. Yes, I am that tough...no ER even needed that time. So I swiftly answer the phone all cool, like she is just calling to say HEEYYY! She informs me that her water has broke and she is on the way to the hospital. That was at about 1:30ish. So I jump up, run upstairs let my co-workers know and call Morgan. See he drove me to work because I was still doped up from the kidney stone and didn't think it was safe to drive. So Morgan picks me up and we head home. I want to shower and get cute so the first time I meet her family, my baby (not like he cares) I don't look like I had been napping at work.
And that is when the waiting began.... It felt like forever. We would get texts or phone calls to let us know that she was progressing or better yet NOT progressing. The hospital was behind and short staffed so they wouldn't do anything to speed up her labor. So we hung out....my friend Brittney came over to play games with us and help distract me from loosing my mind. What a task she had....Ya did Good Brit!
Then at 3:15ish in the AM...my phone rings. It was finally that time. Morgan and I jump in the car camera in hand (Morg did ya check to make sure the battery wasn't dead?!@?!). Off to Jordan Valley...
When we arrived we met her Dad who was waiting in the waiting room. Her step-mom had gone down to check her progress...when we hear her scream that its time!! We run down to the room just in time to see little Gavin come out. I actually didn't see anything...there were a lot of people and I kind of left my body for a second.
He was born at 4:24 am...
We watched him get cleaned up, weighed and measured. Then the nurse asked..well it will be better if I put it in script form...
Nurse: Are you the adoptive Mom?
Me: Yes
Nurse: Here is your wrist band.
(Side Note: the original plan was for her step-mom to get the second one because she would be spending most of the time in the hospital)
Me: Ummm...I think there is a mistake. I think ----- is getting one.
Nurse: Is your name Brittney?
Me: Yes (last time I checked, still out of my body)
Nurse: Then this is for you, I have been given instructions that you get this.
That is when I returned to my body and started to loose it. This was a huge gesture from Erica and I was so excited.
Then they gave Gavin to Erica and she wasn't feeling very awesome and was uncomfortable so she told them to give him to me.
I at first was reserved about it because we didn't want Erica to think that we were all about that baby. We wanted her to know that we were there for her and because we loved her. Well she insisted that it was ok...

That is when my life changed forever! I knew the second that I held him that he was mine! I knew that my Heavenly Father had found a way to get that baby into my arms! I wish I could describe the feeling that I had but I still can not find the adequate words.

Then the proud Dad held him and then we gave him to his Beautiful Birth Mom! We then left the room to give her some time...after a little bit we were able to go into the nursery with him and watch him be bathed and checked. We were in there for about an hour and a 1/2. During that time Erica was texting me saying, Britt can you believe your finally a Mama? I wish I could even begin to explain how much I love this girl.
Then we took him back to the nursery for some Erica time!
We told her that we would only come back to the hospital if she wanted us to....that this was her time to be with him.
We got home..climbed into bed...and an hour later she called and told us to come back up.... :)
Placement happened the following Friday in the hospital. Placement is when the birth mom signs her relinquishment papers and we sign our papers. We did this in separate rooms and at the same time. I had not been able to see her that day and was so anxious to see her. I was excited for him..but just NEEDED to see her! I remember walking into the room and sitting right next to her on the bed. And we hugged with Gavin in between us. The world stopped for a couple of minutes. I have never felt the spirit so strong as I did in that room. The amount of Love was overwhelming.
We then all hugged and cried some more and some more. Then she was ready to leave...but not before she watched me attempt to change him. That was comical to say the least. We then hugged again and she left with her amazing family in tow. We couldn't leave yet because we had to watch this stupid video and his temp was 1 point below the normal. While we were waiting in the hospital she sent me the sweetest text messages.
We finally were able to take him home to our house which was full of family members...all so excited to meet him. So I thought the day he was born was the best day of my life...it wasn't. It was the day I got to take him home!