Sunday, June 29, 2008


Attention to the three maybe four people who read this blog.... I am having a yard sale the 12th of July. It will be located in West Jordan. I am trying to get as many people as I can to join. So everyone who is interested on de-junking there home... Let me know! I will be placing an ad in the SL TRIB. So whoever brings there stuff if everyone will just pitch in a couple of dollars for that. One more thing!!! You do not need to attend the yard sale to sale your stuff. I just need everyone to have there stuff marked and dropped off at the location the night before. I am going to keep track of everything that is sold so everyone will get there amount! This will be a very organized operation!! So PLEASE anyone who is interested! You can contact me though my email which is

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Last night I was fortunate to get together with 3 of my former college roommates! Brittney Johnson, Jenny Nudd and Rebekah. These three girls filled up every good memory I had of SNOW COLLEGE!
Jenny... was my room roommate. She had top bunk! I knew Jenny from High School (She was the most popular girl!) I was so excited that she wanted me to be her roommate. I think I might have begged her. I remember her alarm going off at a ghastly hour and then I would hear a thug as she would throw herself to the floor. She did this daily and I don't think she was ever fully awake when this would take place. Another fond memory...Jenny would kill me if she knew I wrote this. It was Halloween or close to it. We had just come back from one of her concerts and she was wearing a black shirt with a brown (tight) leather jumper and black tights. I was upstairs when she was downstairs making out with a guy who will remain anonymous. She came upstairs hours later and her tights were completely twisted around her entire body as well as her leather jumper. Jenny you were my hero! I have always looked up to you and admired you!
Brittney Johnson... Lived upstairs with the other 7 Girls. I remember she was the last to arrive and we were all talking about her. I was so excited to meet another Brittney! She arrived and started telling us stories about Russia. I instantly was just fascinated with her. I have two favorite memorys of Brittney J. 1...When Mary and I went with you to Spansih Fork to go to your Young Women Activity. Well your little car died and your Dad came. I have never met a man that cracked me up as much as he. I think he actually bumped your car with his off the road. 2... The night you and I stayed up all night long talking on the couch. We even did finger paintings. You were the best! I felt such a kindred spirit with you! I am so happy you have come back into my life!
Bekah... Lived upstairs! I remember the first time I met you. I went upstairs and you were sitting in the chair with your curly hair with a pink ribbon in it. I thought to myself...I am going to be friends with her. I have so many memories of Snow College with you. You and I were such a duo. Some of my favorite were when we had the great idea of dumping water on Mary and Stacie as they walked up the stairs from there dates. I remember thinking that Stacie was going to kill us. I remember our film class that we had and the bright idea we had to make our film on "The Farm Boys". Do you remember going over there and waking them up. I only remember how badly it stunk. Another memory I have is when we came home for a weekend. We were driving around in my little CRV and you had been carrying around a tissue that had Kevin's cologne on it. You had it constantly pressed up to your nose. I asked if I could smell it... I smelled it and then lifted my hand through the sunroof and let go of it. I don't know why but to this day I still laugh about that.
Even though I was there for such a short time...I am filled with so many funny, great memories of Snow College. I love you three!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Can't anybody just have a bad day anymore??

If you are the type of person who is happy everyday and never experiences a bad day...then stop reading now!
My day started at 3:37 am...With the worst dream! I had tears running down my face from the fear that I had just experienced while I should be sleeping peacefully. I then woke up at 7 am feeling sad and the overwhelming feeling that said, "Brittney, Stay in bed! This is not your day!" I should have listened...Dang It!
I got to work and it started like a regular day. BUSY! Then after hitting my head not once, not twice but 5 freaking times! It was the world saying, TOLD YA SO! I then got through the first patient thinking, OK I can turn this day around. Then came our second patient. During the procedure I got dowsed with water by my un-knowing employer. You need to know that I DO NOT LIKE GET TO WET---AGAINST MY OWN WISHES! Friendships have ended because of water fights that I have be included in. Anyway... Instead of a Sorry. I got a, That was Awesome. (Wait let me get my inner ghetto girl out. ) Oh no you didn't!!
The day went on with the stupid credit union, a scary lady in my ward calling me 20 times. And just one thing after another! To end the day at work I felt a small sense of peace, No more Patients! As soon as that thought popped in my head, my co-worker, my buddy, my friend said to me, "Are you going to be pissy all week?" Damnit when did this day turn into a week! Can't a girl just get a break! Was I grumpy? Yes! Was I quiet? Yes! Did I just want to be left alone and finish the day as fast as I could? YES! As soon as that statement left her mouth I thought to myself...Holy Crap...I work with my Mom. (Love Ya CLT)
As I was driving home I got flipped off because I...Wait NO REASON! The world laughed at me today with a big fat...Listen to me next time!
I took my hubby some dinner at work and I was driving home I thought that I deserved a treat! My favorite on a bad day is a 7-11 Pepsi and popcorn. I then realized that I did not have my debit card. I looked up to the sky and said... Please Lord let me have change in my car! And there in the change holder was $1.16 in change! I looked up and said, Big Guy you always have my back!
Tomorrow is a new day... And so far the score is... World-1 Brittney-0

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I was tagged by my friend Bekah...To get to know a little bit more about me!
My Religion
My Husband
Meeting New People
(This is super embarrassing but I have only read, maybe 3 books since I was married four years ago. So they might be a little out-dated)
(I have not read this book yet but I bought it and I am hoping
that I will love it)
FIVE Languages of LOVE
Anne of Green Gables
Morgan James Thompson
Holy Hell
Are you kidding me?
"I was just kidding"
Are you ready to come back?
(I say that like 10 times a day)
Bull Crap

Have Kids
Go to Europe
Buy a House
See my husband graduate!
Join the mile high club
Be skinny enough to wear a bikini
See my siblings married!
Do something that changes someone else's lives!

That I have the best Husband in the whole entire world!
27 is not that old
I have caught up with a lot of old friends
How to make the best Chocolate Chip Cookies
That Primary requires a lot of Patience
My family is always going to be there for me!
It's ok that people get pregnant and I don't!
(I am still working on that last one)
Living in an apartment is OK
Amber Baer

Monday, June 2, 2008

Ten things that I Love Today....
1. My Mother-in-law Cindy (I have always loved her, but today we just had a conversation we should have had like a year ago so it was a good day.)
2. Financial Aid (Can I get an Amen?)
3. So you think you can dance. My favorite summer show! The BEST competition show on TV except for Mary Murphey.
4. Erin, friend to Bekah! I had such a crappy feel sorry for myself day and then I realized that I am not the only one going through crappy stuff! Thank You
5. The warm weather!
6. My new very cute summer clothes! My husband told me to buy some summer clothes. So right before Florida I went out and spent a lot of his hard earned money.
7. Re-Connecting with old friends!
8. Whitening peoples teeth! Especially when they have always wanted white teeth and then because of me...Bam they have white teeth! It's my gift to the world!
9. Vacations!
10. The game Ticket to Ride!! I played it five times this last weekend and won 4 out of 5! I was so proud of myself and I might have rubbed it in poor Keily's face a little to much! Sorry Kei!!