Friday, May 21, 2010


I have contemplated what I should title this entry...
I have come up with the following list...
(I will let you choose)

A. Holy Crap
B. Kicked to the Ground, Then kicked in the face, The spit in the face!
C. What the beep beep beepity beep!
D. Wow...What...Why....What the Hell?

May 6th
Morgan and I hooked up with a Private Adoption Agency! Huge step for us! Talking to the director she said the average waiting time for couples is 2-8 weeks. Yes I said WEEKS!!!
Then after talking about the fee we decided if its going to will work out!
May 10th
After talking with family come up with a plan to make it happen. Divine intervention happens and Brittney cries and cries overwhelmed with blessings!
May 11th
Start all paperwork to start process...hoping to get this process started as soon as possible!
May 13th
Finish all paperwork! Just waiting for updated home visit with caseworker the next day. So excited!! Spend the whole night talking and planning. Feeling like...Wow! This might really happen!!
May 14th
Morgan gets laid off from job!
Brittney cries and cries! Not feeling very blessed.

So once again the craps! So frustrated with everything in my life! Cant even describe the amount of bitterness and pain I have inside!
As I am sitting here numb to everything going on around me...
I feel like I can bounce back from things pretty good. I am afraid I wont bounce back from this. I feel defeated!