Sunday, September 26, 2010

This day...

I am writing this with tears streaming down my cheeks. Today my Heavenly Father touched me on the shoulder and I felt him with me. I felt his gentle reminder that he is with me. I sometimes forget...often in fact. I forget that he knows me and that he knows my heart. I forget that sometimes I am a Daughter of God. Words that I was taught such a long time ago but never really thought they would play such a vital role in my life.
So this day...I remember...
I am a Daughter of God
I am a Women
a Wife
a Daughter
a Sister
a Friend
an Aunt!
I am rich with blessings!
My heart is so full with gratitude for my life. I complain so often and wonder why certain things don't happen for me. For that I am ashamed. For the times I have felt forgotten and unheard. I know that my Heavenly Father gives me those times for a purpose. To allow me to reflect and to get a small glimpse of the bigger picture. For that I am truly grateful!