Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Clomid Club

So I decided that I would write this post and dedicate it to all the Women who have ever taken Clomid or thinking about it. Thanks Meredith for inspiring me...
So Clomid is a fertility drug that is given to Women to stimulate ovulation. For some this is a miracle drug and helps them get pregnant. For myself gives them a lot of horrific (humorous) stories. I thought I should share a couple of them with you.
Side note...Clomid is given to poeple in 50mg amounts. Each month you take it pending on if you ovulate or not your Dr. will bump you up. Well my first Dr. took me up to 150mg. My second Dr. took me up to 205mg I wish you could know that I am screaming the 250mg!!! The side effects are...(to my knowledge) Headaches, Mood Swings, Weight Gain, Mood Swings, Nausea and have I mentioned MOOD SWINGS!!!
Let me share some examples of you the mood swings. WARNING....I might use some choice words and be a little personal so stop reading if you are easly offended.
All of these experiences happened during the five days you take this medicene...
* Morgan and I were in Wal-Mart and I saw a women who was pregnant and had two younger children probably under the age of 2 or 3. One walking around with no shoes, red face, snot everywhere and crying. (She was yelling at him to, "Shut the Hell Up before I give you a reason to cry". The other in a diaper (only) in the cart also crying. I sat there and stared in the middle of the isle and saw myself lunging toward the woman. I then started filling with so much rage that Morgan had to escort me out of the store. Him saying nothing (Smart Guy) just putting me in the car.
* Usually I would not even work while I was on this stuff because my co-workers could not handle all of the mean things I would say. Well I decided I would go to work because I was feeling pretty good. Well they sent me to the post office and there was the cutest women (not screaming at her child) playing with her adorable 2 year old. I had a COMPLETE melt down in the middle of the post office. Like the sobbing crying that you cant even catch your breathe. I believe the little old lady standing behind me said it best, Honey...You need to take a deep breathe. Needless to say I could barely calm down enough to call my work and tell them I was going home.
* WARNING--Extremely personal...Morgan and I were in the shower together (I anyone shocked?) Well we were being all lovey dovey and I think he turned his back to me and I completely lost it and started crying that he didnt love me and that I was better off without him...Who the hell knows. I think all Morgan did was get out of that shower as fast as he could to avoid his head being banged up against the tile wall. SMART MAN!
(Morgan just said...."Woman what are you doing, I can't control you.")
I have many many more but I'm tired. I feel like I am a legend and should be given a medal because at 250mg...I DIDNT KILL ANYONE! My husband is especially grateful. He is the one who deserves a medal because we are still married. I could not even count the times I told him I was going to divorce him. He would just calmly pat me on the head and tell me he would talk about it after the drugs were out of my system.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You need to find the humor in all things....

I would like to share a story that will allow you a glimpse of how royally broken I am...(Literally)
So someone (for confidential purposes we will call this lady Barbara) Anyway...Barbara called me and told me that she had gone to the Dr. to try and find out why she was not getting pregnant. Well she was telling me how everything went and the her Dr. had suggested she go on some miracle drug called Privera. That he had found HUGE success in women getting pregnant from taking this drug. She asked what he would suggest over Clomed (The drug from hell). He said he would put anyone on Privera instead of Clomed. Well he was hopeful that she could be pregnant from this drug within months. Well after hanging up with Barbara I called my mom frantic and so upset, Why had my Dr. not ever suggested this miracle drug. I mean come on...these Dr's shared a freakin office. Why was I not clued in on this little secret that had such a huge success rate.
"Mother, blah blah blah...Why did he not ever put me on the drug called Privera?"
"Brittney...Honey... (just side reference, my mom filled all of my prescriptions for 3 years) You did take Privera with Clomed."
"Oh...that sucks!"
So I was taking this so called miracle drug with the hell drug for THREE, 3, tres years and NOTHING!!!
I had to laugh because of course I am that broken! Stupid broken in-fertile Brittney! Go ahead and laugh at yourself!