Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gavin's First Birthday!!

It was more like an Extravaganza! Prepare yourself for the overload of pictures! I planned this party for could almost say that I was planning this party for years! People could say that I went a little overboard with this party...but I don't care! I loved everything about it, the sleepless nights, the food, the planning...I loved it all! Thanks to my hubby who was such a huge help to me! And also my Mom and Mom-in-law who helped me with the food.



 I am sad that this picture is missing the mini key lime pies that I made that turned out adorable! They were in the fridge when I took this picture!

 We had resisted giving Gavin any processed sugar before his birthday and we debated on whether to have a normal full of sugar cake or a healthier one. We went for the full of sugar delicious one. Well he LOVED it...but didn't go to bed until midnight that night! Oh well! It was worth it to see him devour this thing.

 My beautiful amazing Grandma who I adore and my beautiful birthday boy!! 
He did have clothes on for his party....this is what he looked like after he got cake everywhere!

I can't believe my baby is ONE! I love him so much and can not imagine my life without him. This last year has been the best year of my life.


Christie said...

You did amazing, Brittney! He is such a cutie! I'm so happy for you guys that you have this little guy in your life!

Cassie said...

SO CUTE!!! I think that was the perfect first birthday for your boy. Happy Birthday little man!

Kelly Stubbs said...

HE IS SO HANDSOME! I can't believe that he is one already!!! Your party decorations and food looked AMAZING!!! You are one talented MAMA! :)

Tristan Neider said...

Darling birthday party. You are so talented.