Saturday, January 23, 2010


Reason #79 why I am in L O V E with Morgan James Thompson.....

We went to IKEA last night with my sister Megan and as we were shopping around.....

Morgan pointed something out for our house...

Me: Umm I dont know

Morgan: Yea...It doesn't really go with our color scheme.

And then I leaned in and gave him a kiss and said, "That is why I love you!" How many men say Color Scheme? He does though. Because my husband has incredible good taste and he is very artistic. I am so lucky to be married to him! And that is why one day you will see on an amazing building...Designed by Morgan Thompson.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


This is a pretty random post but has really been on my mind the last week. So Sunday night I settled in for the night to watch me some Golden Globes. I do enjoy the award season mostly for the clothes. Well this year with everything that was going on in the world knew that there would be things spoken about the recent earthquake in Haiti.
When the show started I quickly noticed that most all of the stars were wearing ribbons. Obviously to raise awareness. Because that is what gets my attention...a ribbon fastened to a woman's hip as to no distract from her 40,000$ gown.
Well the awards started and I was really enjoying it. Then they had a couple of well known actors give a speech how we "normal people' could go online and give as much money as we could spare to help Haiti.
I am not against giving! I do and will give as much as I can to the relief efforts for that poor country. My heart breaks for those people and what they have lost. I am especially saddened by the thousands of children without parents. I would take as many as they would let me if I could!!
I am though against....Actors who get paid MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars asking me to give money. If everyone in that stinkin room would give 1 million dollars of there "hard earned" money. They could completely re-build that country.
I think it was a Su'a Sister who said that the most political they got was waiving a peace sign in a picture (I have been dying to use that line), well that is me! I am not a very political person, but I was really bugged by this! So what I am really saying is....Put your money where your mouth is!