Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have started and deleted this post oh about 100 times. I have nothing to say! The sweet little birth mom decided to parent her daughter. I did know she was having a girl...which in a way made it worst. I could picture her in my mind! I think people (especially our caseworker) are waiting for me to open up and let out all of my thoughts and feelings. I really don't have any! After we got the news Morgan and I just kind of stared at each other and both thought, What did we just go through? Was that for real? Were we that close and then not close at all.

I don't know....

What I do know is...

I have an amazing husband who I love more then ever! He was my rock! We have an amazing caseworker who I love! There were so many days that I wanted to drive to her office lay on her couch and just cry. Instead I cried on the phone, probably every day! I am surrounded by people who loves us and only want good things to happen to us!

So to sum everything up...

Morgan and I had the longest two and half weeks of our lives! Cried and screamed every day. Prayed countless times. Planned what we would do. Talked and Talked. Didn't Sleep! And now...Blah!

That Sucks!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Morgan's First Post

Well let me let you guys know that I have never had this big of an audience. This may the be the second time I have ever blogged. My beautiful Brittney didn't feel like updating everybody on the adoption status. Well let me begin from the start........

I am terrible with dates so I am not going to give you any, because frankly I couldn't. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago our case worker was speaking with a birth mom that was indecisive on placing her baby. She has had 10 couples profiles with her to help her decide, but didn't see any that stood out to her. While in our case worker's office she noticed our brochure that we had made for our adoption yard sale (thanks again for all that helped with that). Well she read the brochure and really liked it. Come to find out that she had our profile for about 4 months and she didn't realize it. Things were said and the birth mom and her mom wanted to see us. She wanted to put a face on the whole process and hoped it would help her make a definite decision.

We were okay with this and had a great meeting with the two of them. The mom was very nice and supportive of her daughter. The daughter was very nice, but definitely had a lot to think about. All in all, the meeting went awesome and our case worker even thought so. (I thought this was very funny, but the birth mom said that I was just like her. Quiet and laid back is the only way to be!)

Currently, we are waiting for her to make this very difficult decision and she is due tomorrow! Well we hope she makes the decision that is right for her and we can only hope for the best. All I can do right now is hug and kiss my nervous wreck of a wife. Good thing she is still super cute even in the state that she is in.

Well thanks for listening and I am going to tell all my signature sign off.

Thompson Out!

(this is always how you will know its the Morgster)