Wednesday, November 30, 2011

H A L L O W E E N 2011

This was Gavin's Halloween Costume this year...So freaking cute! When we were shopping for a costume it came down to this and a dragon. I loved both but couldn't decide. Morgan said to me, "Well you only have a couple of years that you can dress him like a chicken so you might as well do it now." So he was my little chicken for Halloween. Holidays are so much more fun with everything else he just makes everything so much better!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Growing so fast....

Well little Gavin is getting so big so makes me sad! I'm excited for him to get bigger but I want to soak in every little second of does scare me to think that he might be my only baby. So I don't want to miss out on anything!!
I decided to put together a monthly timeline in pictures so you could see how big he is getting.....
Is he not the cutest baby you have ever seen?? Every time I look at him my heart melts....I just cant kiss him enough! He is five months now almost six.
I wish I had done this every month but I might as well start now..instead of not starting at all.
At five months he is:
Playing with his hands all of the time
Loves to stand (with us holding his hands)
Rolling...cant get him to stop
Talking to us...a-goo a-goo a-goo
Watching the dogs
Loves Apple Sauce & Sweet Potatoes
Loves the water!!
Loves giving kisses to his mama on the cheek...there slobbery but I love them!
Holding his own bottle...he gets frustrated when we try to hold it
Loves listening to his Mom sing...finally I have an there Mr. Findlay!!!
I love everything about him but especially:
When I get him out of his crib..his smile is priceless
His laugh
When he grabs my face and sucks on my cheek
Watching him and Morgan together
Rocking him to sleep
Singing/Reading to him
Staying home with him
His little bum (awkward???)
So its pretty much a total love fest between the two of us. I feel so incredibly blessed and cant imagine my life without him. Next month we will finalize our adoption and go to the temple...awwwwww.....insert total bliss!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love! Grattitude! Heavy Heart!

I have been wanting to update my blog with a bunch of cute pictures of Gavin, and I still will but I needed to write this while I had a little bit of time.
I woke up this morning like I usually do with such a heavy heart full of grattitude for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father. I have been blessed with the most beautiful baby who makes me happier then I ever thought I would be. For a long time I was a bitter, frustrated and angry person. Not only have I become a mother but I have become myself again. I feel like my old self that was positive, happy and cheerful! That has been such a huge breathe of fresh feel like me!
My sister is expecting a baby in April and I am excited! For the first time in 7 years someone told me she was pregnant and I didnt hold back tears! I didnt have to put on a brave face. I was 100% excited and the best part....I can say to them...Oh you just wait until this...or sister actually said to me once when I was bathing Gavin...your going to show me how to do this, right! That statement alone made me want to cry!
So yep....I am LOVING being a mom to the most beautiful baby. Its crazy how many people ask..."So how are you liking it?" I LOVE IT ya FOOL! Of course I usually my response. :)
Well pictures soon to come...I gots to go now because my baby is rolling all over the place and I almost done building his bubble room that he will spend the next 18 years in...dont worry...its really nice!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I {heart} adoption

For a long time now I have been trying to put my feelings into words. Every time I words just feel in adequate. To say that I heart adoption seems not strong say that adoption has changed my life...sounds better!
When Morgan and I were trying to conceive a child with the help of drugs (not even the good kind), doctors, blah blah...adoption was the furthest from my mind. I would actually get so offended when people would say that to me.
When we FINALLY, and I say finally because it took me far to long, FINALLY turned it over to the Lord...we realized Adoption was going to be our path. It was like Heavenly Father smacked me on the back of my head and said it was about time. The two years we waited for our baby we went on quite the roller coaster. Even leading up to his birth was hard. Even though our birth mom never gave me one indication that she was changing her mind...I still was nervous. I had reason to be...I had two failed placements under my belt. I knew the dark side of adoption....I had experienced it. The day Gavin was born we went over to my Mom and Dads house on the way home from the hospital to show them pictures...and my Mom said to me, "I don't think you should adopt again. I dont know if I can take it." I said to her, "Mom, wait until you meet him. He was totally worth it."
And that explains it best....He was worth every bad day, every tear, every doubt...He was so worth it!

On really bad days I would call my caseworker MaryAnne and cry to her...and she would tell me that this will all be worth it. She was totally right. Before Gavin came I was at times a bitter and mean person. I was the person people hated to share happy news with. I could never go to baby showers and baby blessings...and if I did I would be fighting back the tears waiting until I could get my car and get the hell out of there. Gavin and the miracle of adoption has mended my heart! I say mended because I still get a little sad when women get pregnant so easily but now that sadness only lasts a second and then I cuddle my sweet baby! The baby I know I held in the pre-existence and put my faith in Heavenly Father to make sure he got to me.
So would I do it again...if the result was as Awesome as Gavin....I totally would! I would do it all over again and wait double the amount of time. I love that baby more then I ever thought I could. I don't take one day for granted. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face so excited to see my little man! And the very very best part is that he is just as excited to see me!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Babies Room!!!

Can you imagine how much joy that brings me even just typing it....
Last year I kind of gave up on ever having a baby and turned the empty room into a beautiful guest room...well only 1 year and 4 months later we found out we would finally be getting a baby. So we started planning what we would want this room to look like. And if you know me...I don't do anything small. And even though I had been imagining this room for...oh 6 years..I actually started picking things out..that I could buy!! No more dreamin!!

The bedding that inspired the color scheme...
Thank You Target!!

My most favorite room/project that I have EVER done!

This was easier then it looks...
And I can say that Morgan...because I painted the darn thing!

My most favorite thing in this room....
the beautiful baby that occupies it!
Love him..Like crazy love him!!

More images of Baby Room.....

This chair was given to me from My Grandparents that I
had recovered in a fabric that would match the room.
It is the most comfy chair...I find myself falling asleep in it..lots!

My favorite part of the room...
I see this picture every time I walk into this room.
So when I am feeding the babe at 2am I see her beautiful face...
and I am reminded why I am so blessed to be feeding that sweet baby!

Dresser that we turned into a changing table as well!

This is a family portrait of Morg, Gavin and I...
My 6year old niece Peighton was the artist!

Re-used the frames I had in the guest room.

Friday, July 15, 2011

His Birth Story

The day that changed my life...

So the plan was set...when Erica went into labor she would call us to let us know. We would wait at home until she got closer to delivery. Well it was Tuesday and I was at work taking a nap (awesome) and my phone rang...with her name in BOLD letters. Side Note: I was only taking a nap because the night before I was up all night passing a kidney stone. Yes, I am that ER even needed that time. So I swiftly answer the phone all cool, like she is just calling to say HEEYYY! She informs me that her water has broke and she is on the way to the hospital. That was at about 1:30ish. So I jump up, run upstairs let my co-workers know and call Morgan. See he drove me to work because I was still doped up from the kidney stone and didn't think it was safe to drive. So Morgan picks me up and we head home. I want to shower and get cute so the first time I meet her family, my baby (not like he cares) I don't look like I had been napping at work.
And that is when the waiting began.... It felt like forever. We would get texts or phone calls to let us know that she was progressing or better yet NOT progressing. The hospital was behind and short staffed so they wouldn't do anything to speed up her labor. So we hung friend Brittney came over to play games with us and help distract me from loosing my mind. What a task she had....Ya did Good Brit!
Then at 3:15ish in the phone rings. It was finally that time. Morgan and I jump in the car camera in hand (Morg did ya check to make sure the battery wasn't dead?!@?!). Off to Jordan Valley...
When we arrived we met her Dad who was waiting in the waiting room. Her step-mom had gone down to check her progress...when we hear her scream that its time!! We run down to the room just in time to see little Gavin come out. I actually didn't see anything...there were a lot of people and I kind of left my body for a second.
He was born at 4:24 am...
We watched him get cleaned up, weighed and measured. Then the nurse asked..well it will be better if I put it in script form...
Nurse: Are you the adoptive Mom?
Me: Yes
Nurse: Here is your wrist band.
(Side Note: the original plan was for her step-mom to get the second one because she would be spending most of the time in the hospital)
Me: Ummm...I think there is a mistake. I think ----- is getting one.
Nurse: Is your name Brittney?
Me: Yes (last time I checked, still out of my body)
Nurse: Then this is for you, I have been given instructions that you get this.
That is when I returned to my body and started to loose it. This was a huge gesture from Erica and I was so excited.
Then they gave Gavin to Erica and she wasn't feeling very awesome and was uncomfortable so she told them to give him to me.
I at first was reserved about it because we didn't want Erica to think that we were all about that baby. We wanted her to know that we were there for her and because we loved her. Well she insisted that it was ok...

That is when my life changed forever! I knew the second that I held him that he was mine! I knew that my Heavenly Father had found a way to get that baby into my arms! I wish I could describe the feeling that I had but I still can not find the adequate words.

Then the proud Dad held him and then we gave him to his Beautiful Birth Mom! We then left the room to give her some time...after a little bit we were able to go into the nursery with him and watch him be bathed and checked. We were in there for about an hour and a 1/2. During that time Erica was texting me saying, Britt can you believe your finally a Mama? I wish I could even begin to explain how much I love this girl.
Then we took him back to the nursery for some Erica time!
We told her that we would only come back to the hospital if she wanted us to....that this was her time to be with him.
We got home..climbed into bed...and an hour later she called and told us to come back up.... :)
Placement happened the following Friday in the hospital. Placement is when the birth mom signs her relinquishment papers and we sign our papers. We did this in separate rooms and at the same time. I had not been able to see her that day and was so anxious to see her. I was excited for him..but just NEEDED to see her! I remember walking into the room and sitting right next to her on the bed. And we hugged with Gavin in between us. The world stopped for a couple of minutes. I have never felt the spirit so strong as I did in that room. The amount of Love was overwhelming.
We then all hugged and cried some more and some more. Then she was ready to leave...but not before she watched me attempt to change him. That was comical to say the least. We then hugged again and she left with her amazing family in tow. We couldn't leave yet because we had to watch this stupid video and his temp was 1 point below the normal. While we were waiting in the hospital she sent me the sweetest text messages.
We finally were able to take him home to our house which was full of family members...all so excited to meet him. So I thought the day he was born was the best day of my wasn't. It was the day I got to take him home!

Monday, June 27, 2011

How we met...

So where do I start....
Well I guess from the beginning...
On December 22nd we went to our friends house Eric and Amber to meet there new baby Mason. As we left Morgan and I got in the car and looked at each other...we gave a look like, who is going to have to say it first. And that "it" wasn't, I want a baby or when are we going to have a baby like it usually was...the "it" was, I am exhausted just watching them! It was then that we decided that if it was just going to be the two of us for the rest of our lives that...wait for it...we would be ok! It had taken us 6 years to even say the words let alone actually believe it....and we did believe it.
So there we were the next night December 23rd eating some dinner talking about what we needed to pack for our cruise, when I got a text. The text said...
Hi my name is Erica, heard that you want to adopt a baby?
It was at that point that I looked straight up and said, Lord you really do have a sense of humor.
Let me back up...about a month before my brother had called me at work and said that his co-worker had a friend that was wanting to place a baby for adoption. She had picked another couple but was feeling frustrated with them. My brother asked if he could give her some info about us. I had just finished our adoption blog and so I told him to give her that info and if she wanted to get a hold of us then he could give her my number. After that I immediately put it out of my mind...this had happened lots of times and nothing ever came from it so it was automatic for me to forget. Well after that Erica looked at our blog and wanted to meet us. My brother would only give her our info if she was 100% serious about this. He didn't want to get my hopes up for nothing...what a good brother I have!
So back to the text...
We started texting just little things and decided to meet for dinner when we got back from our cruise. On June 8th we meet at our favorite mexican restaurant Morelias. Well she knew what we looked like but we had no idea what she looked like. We walked in and there she was. They tell you when you start the adoption process that you will find YOUR birth mom. Well I had no reason to believe that until this point...I knew she was the one like I knew that I wanted to marry Morgan. Dinner was amazing..barely ate felt like we were having dinner with friends. At dinner she gave me ultra sound pictures of the little babe. (Earlier in the week she had called us to tell us that she had found out that it was a baby boy.) We didn't talk about any specific things we just told funny stories and tried to get to know each other. After dinner was over Morgan and I sat in the car and cried. The tears didn't come right away they came after a long silence. I sat there feeling so many emotions...emotions I still can not put into words.
We started texting almost every day, went bowling and Dr appointments. I was able to go to her 20 week ultra sound...sat there with my mouth wide open, completely amazed of what a miracle pregnancy was.
Erica became a part of our family, we still feel that way. Going through her pregnancy (well 26 weeks of it) with her was bitter sweet. She would send me the sweetest texts that would say, We both miss you..Gavin needs to hear his Mommy's voice. Heavenly Father carried us through this. It felt so natural...I truly felt that my Heavenly Father had brought her to me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All Mine

Let me introduce our Son
Gavin James Thompson
Born 06.08.2011
4:24 am
6 lbs 3 oz 19 in

Officially joined our family

More posts coming very soon....

Monday, May 9, 2011

The MOST stylish yard sale!

Ladies, Friends, Family, Anybody that reads this blog....
Morgan and I are having a Yard Sale to spread the word that...
Thanks to my dear friend Eric for that slogan!
The Yard Sale is this Saturday May 14th from 8am - 2pm
8085 South Leslie Drive (3905 West)
Even though we are still taking donations for items we would also love to see you at the
Yard Sale

There will be a lot of AWESOME items !
There will also be a Bake Sale with lots of yummy treats!!
Thank You for all of your support!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Paper Wreathe

So the other day I was surfing the web checking out some blogs and realized that...
1. People are really talented.
2. Some people have a lot of time on there hands.
And 3. I can craft just as good (or better) then other people!
So I decided to post my FIRST tutorial. I give you....
The Paper Wreathe
The one below is the first one I ever made that was on top of my Christmas tree. I have made a couple sense then but decided to document the making of my last one.

So first what you need to do is gather your supplies:
Foam Wreathe: I purchased mine at the dollar store
5 sheets of 12 x 12 Scrapbook paper: It is muccho important to like both sides of the paper, because both sides are visible when the wreathe is completed.
1 pencil
Box of your basic fabric pins
And your choice of ribbon to hang wreathe

This project seems like it would take a lot of really doesn't. I rolled all of the paper while I watched the movie Hairspray. And to actually complete the wreathe only took me 1 Greys Anatomy episode and 1 episode of Project Runway....Yes this is how I measure my time. It's just something simple you can work on while you catch up with your DVR.

The first thing you need to do is cut your paper. I cut the paper in the middle to give me
2--6 x 12 pieces. Then I cut the paper in strips that are 3/4 inches wide. After you have all of your paper cut...its time to roll. That's when I pour a pepsi (you can drink anything you want) grab a bowl and start to roll. I use the bowl to put all of my curls in so they don't go everywhere. You want to roll your paper super tight: like below

Then after I have all my paper rolled I start to assemble. Your paper will stay in the curl so you have to stretch it out so you have the shape that you want.

Then I start pinning the paper in. I only use one pin in either end of the paper. I usually start on the outside edge and work in. It doesn't matter which way you start. Its easier to do one direction and then go another way but by the time you are done you will just be shoving in paper anywhere that needs it. When you start to get toward the middle I will place the pin in the middle of the curl so it will lay flatter. This way is also good to fill in space.

When you have all of your paper pinned in...and make sure you go back and cover up any holes you left on the wreathe. The good thing is that this wreathe is very east to manipulate and shape the way you want it. I usually put my ribbon on first before I start pinning but it doesn't matter. I usually never do the back of this wreath because I want it to hang flat. If you have a door or window that you are hanging it on and will see the reverse then go ahead and do the will probably need 3 extra sheets of paper. MAKE can not see any of the wreath from the side...huge pet peeve!

And ta-da...Its so stinkin cute when it is all finished!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear Little Sister,

I hope this is ok that I write this. I figure at least I am not writing it on your blog...(which I did write something, but I couldn't help it).
I want you to know that you have gone through something terrible. My biggest fear! I always wanted to be pregnant so badly...but...I always feared what would happen if I lost that baby. You my sister deserve nothing like this!
I have to admit..when you told me you were pregnant...I was Happy...but I was sad! I was jealous...and now I feel so guilty. When Mom told me that you would loose this pregnancy, this baby that you have wanted for so heart is completely broken for you!
If I could bare this pain for you...I would!
I do know how much you have wanted this....and you will have it! I know how hard it is to see that right me...but you will. This just has to happen for you!
I wonder sometimes why we are given certain trials and why we are supposed to experience things...I don't know why! I do know that when we finally have our babies..we will cherish them! More then anyone could.
Little sister you are going to have this...not now...but you will! I love you and I wish there was something I could do....I would do it!
My caseworker once told me last year after Cassie changed her mind. She told me to be sad..take that time and really be sad but then..don't be. She said it like it was just so simple...don't be! I liked that she said, because no one can say the right things. Everyone will try and make you feel better and it won't work. Just know that this is REALLY crappy but you will get through it!
Man...all seriousness aside...what kind of drugs did Mom take to screw up our fertility so badly! :)


So the other day I was looking at my beautiful niece Rorie who just turned 8 and I got very emotional. This little girl has been in my life sense she was born....Mind you she was 2 when we got married but I held her as a newborn (so it counts).
This was Rorie the day we got married...LOVE

This was Rorie a couple of months ago...Yes her and her uncle are texting on there phones!!
Look at how tall she is, how grown-up she looks!

I love this little girl so much and really want her to stop growing. She used to call me Brin-tee! She calls me Aunt Britt now, which is just as cute but I don't like that she is getting older.
I am so blessed to have these little girls in my life and would do absolutely anything for them!
Getting older sucks!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary House

We moved into our house TWO years ago today.
It was snowing and freezing but it was Awesome!
So I thought I would share some before and afters of some things that
we have done.
They are not in a very good order...the stupid post uploader thing was being retarted!

So here goes...Our Home

Our Office...this picture was 1 day after we moved in.
What a Mess!

Kind of...This was about a year ago. I have changed it up a little bit.

Our Bedroom

Our Bedroom Now

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom Now

Kitchen/Dining Area

Kitchen/Dining Area Now
We have BIG plans for this space!

Living Room Then
I still cant believe I didn't even arrange the pillows...So ashamed!

Living Room Now

Entry/Stairway Then

Entry/Stairway Now

So all in all we have done quite a bit..I think.
Taking it one room at a time.
We were so terrified to buy a house...thinking what if...and what if this...
and What if you lost your job?
Well we have managed to get through all of those What if's!
And we added two little dogs to the mix.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

To My Valentine

This is Morg and I in Cabo over the Christmas break in front
of Lovers Beach, thought it would be appropriate

Let me apologize for 2 lovey dovey posts in a row..gag!
I however did not write the last...My blog was taken over!
Isn't he so cute!

This Valentines my Heart is FULL of love and gratitude!
I am so in Love with my husband and I am so grateful for him.
I truly married my best friend and it is that friendship that was started
11+ years ago that has help sustain our marriage.
We have been on a roller coaster of ups and downs in our marriage and I don't
know what I would do if I didn't have my best friend to hold on to.
Morgan James Thompson...Thank you for loving me!
You are such a wonderful husband and I don't give you half the credit you deserve.

Thank you for helping me to see the humor when I feel the humor is lost!
I am so happy with where our lives are right now and I want you to know that
you mean the world to me!
Heavenly Father sure knew what he was doing those 7 years ago.
I Love You!!

Happy Valentines Day Everybody!
Thank You all for reading my blog and your support!

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Friend...

Bekah has come up with a fantastic idea!! She is going to go on 30 dates before her 30th birthday. On said birthday she will bring with her a guy who stood out among all of the others. Kind of like a small version of the Bachelor for active Mormons.
I don't really now any single guys her age so I am asking for your help! Her blog which will be documenting all dates is...
I love this girl and think she is super cute, FUN and all around a good catch!
So spread the word!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Brittney Will be an Awesome Mom

Hello everyone its my first blog in a long while. I just wanted to get my thoughts out there, but don't take this blog as hinting at anything or maybe you can (wink..wink). I love my wife and knew that when I married her I would have a good mother on my hands. Here is a list of why I think this:

1. Number one she is the most caring and thoughtful person I know.
2. Though sometimes it may be difficult, she loves everyone including me. I think she may even like our new dog Lucy.
3. She has the Magna scrappyness to whip some kids into shape. (I am not hinting at corporal punishment or anything, but she won't take any crap)
4. If we have girls they will always look pretty, because Brittney always takes the time to look beautiful every time she gets ready for the day.
5. She will support our children no matter what, because she has done that for me while I have done school for about half of my life. I can see the light though.
6. Obviously the kids will always be clean.
7. Most importantly our kids will have beautiful rooms, because she has some design chops.

This list could go on and on, but I just wanted to say that I am excited to raise children with her and can't wait for that to happen. Love you baby!! XOXOXOXOX

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yard Sale!

So this year I am starting early in this request. I thought it would be a perfect time because most people de-clutter after the new year...right?? Anywho...Morgan and I will be having another yard sale in May to save some extra money for our adoption fees. If you have anything you would like to donate...(It would be much appreciated). We did pretty good 2 years ago.
Anything will help!
Thanks my peeps!
My New Year Resolution was to talk more like a gangsta...made some I could actually reach this year :)