Saturday, January 24, 2009

Well now that I have somewhat pulled myself out of the deep slump that I was in! I thought I would share a thought that I had this past weekend. (Also I am putting off planning my sharing time for as long as possible!)
Well last weekend Morg and I traveled to St. George for a little break! It was so BEAUTIFUL! We could not have asked for a better weekend, beautiful weather, good food and lots of shopping. On Sunday we went with Grandma and Grandpa to church. Well Morg and I were sitting there his arm around me, my head on his shoulder. He was looking so dang cute in his striped suit and new tie and me in my new very cute outfit and black high boots! That day we looked like such a hot couple! Well out of the corner of my eye I caught a girl that probably was around 8-10 range. Well she had her eyes fixed on us. She had dark brown hair, freckles. At first glance she reminded myself a lot of how I looked at that age. Anyway....I couldn't help but think! I remember being that exact age and seeing a couple my age and thinking to myself that I could not wait to be older and have a boy to hug and kiss. I never wanted a boy then I just liked to dream about what I would be like as an adult. Morgan was being very sweet and I noticed that when he leaned over to kiss my cheek (the shock of kissing in sacrement) she grew a little smile on her face.
In my own mind I think that little girl was thinking to herself the same things I dreamed about. Wondering who she would end up with! I think that my 8 year old version of me would be so happy who I ended up with. She would be so glad that I married someone who kisses me in church (he sometimes even slaps me on the bum) someone who whispers funny things in my ear and who begs for me to tickle his back. I think my eight year old self would be happy with who I am now. She would though be very ticked off that my Best Friend at the time Shannon and I...well we have not talked to each other in like 5 years. And I guess I would tell my 8-year old sucks getting old! Because friends like Shannon get married and move far far away!

Friday, January 23, 2009

So yesterday was such a CRAPPY day. I just wanted to share this cute little thing that melted my heart!
So my Nieces were at our place last night (Which had nothing to do with why I was so sad) and I was sitting in my kitchen with tears streaming uncontrollably down my cheeks. Well in walks Peighton who is almost four....

Peighton: Britt what is wrong? (With a huge smile on her face)

Me: I am just sad!

Peighton: Why are you sad?

Me: Just Because! (I really was trying so hard not to cry! It could not be helped.)

Peighton: WHY!?!?

Me: I just am!

Peighton: (With a big sigh) Talk About It!

I think I was more the child and her the adult! My cute little Peighton who never kisses continued to give me kisses the rest of the night!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today is a crappy, terrible day! So I am shouting out to the world that tomorrow had better be a better day!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Story...

I have been putting this post off for so long! So I am just going to do it and throw it out into the world!
For most of the 2 people that read my blog know that Morgan and I have wanted children and have been trying to have children for almost four years now. Being so unsuccessful at something can make you feel like such a loser. I was on a fertility drug called Clomed for 2 and a half years! If you happen to know anyone who has taken this...please put your arms around them for me! It is terrible! Those 2 and a half years tested myself, my marriage, every relationship I have. I have to give the most credit to my husband! He was so extremely patient with me. Even though he had no idea what I was going thru he did his very best.
Well we were referred to a Endocrinologist for more fertility treatment, possibly in-vetro. I could never bring myself to make an appt. I was terrified! I was so afraid that with the amount of stress that I already put on myself that after paying 20,000 dollars to get pregnant that I would be so stressed and it would never work.
In the last four years I have put such a heavy burden on my shoulders. I have not wanted to turn this over to the Lord. I was not ready to know what he had in store for me. I wanted to do everything in my power. I wanted to be in control of this! People suggested that we try to adopt a baby. I would get very offended when someone would say that. I thought that is so easy for them to say.
Carrying all of this weight on me made me a very bitter, un-happy and sad person.
I have finally turned this over to the Lord! I am a new person! I have been given hope again! I am a true believer in timing and that we are on the Lords time and not our own. Last July I went to my OB for my yearly and left there knowing exactly what I needed to do! Morgan and I are new people. We walk lighter, our heads raised high, happy and excited! On November 20, 2008 we were approved by LDS Family Services as potential parents to adopt baby! The Lord has wrapped his arms around us and we have felt the spirit in our home more in these last couple of months then ever before.
We are so excited to have the opportunity to add to our family thru adoption.
We are now asking our friends and family to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. If you know anyone who is trying to make the difficult and very brave decision to place there baby with loving parents. Please give them our email or phone number! My email is: and our phone is 801-386-0707. You can also reference them to You can view hundreds of profiles of couples that are hoping to be placed with a beautiful baby!
Now we just wait and pray. There is not a waiting list, its not first come first serve. Profiles are given to parents and the birth mom gets to choose who her baby is placed with. So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!
Lots of Love from The Thompsons!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I want to brag about my husband for a minute. Morg is in the Architecture program at the U of U. For his last project in his studio class they had to construct a display that was about recycling. So Morg and his group built there model. Well then the people of First Night which is the big downtown party for New Years Eve at the Gallivan Center. Came to the school and picked four of there favorite projects from like 50 projects. Well of course Morgs group got picked (they had the best idea). They then had to build a 10 foot size replica of there project to be on display at First Night. So they built a globe out of metal, chicken wire and over 4,000 water bottles.
Morgan and Ryan (a guy from his group) were on the news wednesday morning on channel 2 and 13. It also made the front page of the Utah section of the SL Trib Thursday morning.
We went down weds. night to check it out...It was so Awesome! There were so many people taking there picture in front of it. People just standing around staring at it. It was so funny because three teenage girls asked Morgan to take there picture in front of it. Well I told them that he actually built it and they dragged him into there picture.
It was so fun and I was so so super proud of my hubby! He worked so hard and it totally paid off! I put some pictures below so you could check it out!