Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Does anyone blog anymore?.....

....I definitely do not! I have been anti blogging lately.
If you know or read my blog you would probably not be surprised to know that, I am not the most positive person. I know...right..Shocking!
Well times are a changin!
I have decided that my challenge for the month of July that I am going to blog EVERY day 3 things I am grateful for that day. So here goes...(I might include some blogs in between that might have some negative but those don't count.)

I am grateful for....
1. My Savior Jesus Christ! I had a minute today as I was driving home from work to reflect on my relationship with my Savior. He who has saved me from many things. I am so grateful for his constant presence in my life. I know he is with me in all things. I am grateful that no matter how many times I question...why...why...why... I am reminded that he loves me. He died for me! And he lives for me!
2. Random acts of kindness. Morgan and I received a very generous gift from an unknown person or group of persons. We are so so very grateful that people are concerned for us and willing to help us. Thank you to who ever you are!!
3. My husband Morgan James! He is the LOVE of my life! This trial has brought us closer together. The other night we were reflecting on our life and talking about other couple especially newlyweds. And we have always felt like we just got married. Well as we were reflecting on our almost 7 years together as a couple we realized we have a MARRIAGE! A solid one to! We are an old married couple that just simply really likes being around the other person. He is still my very best friend and the person I would choose to spend all my time with! Heavenly Father definitely knew what he was doing when he put the two of us together. I have a husband and a dog and we are just the cutest little family!

p.s. I am also grateful that my hubby just read this blog and fixed all my grammar mistakes.