Friday, May 29, 2009

I never thought it would happen!

First let me say...Hawaii was Awesome! I will post pictures another time. I missed Morgan so much and cried almost every night! But thanks to the ladies I was with, I made it all 8 days without him!
On to the "I never thought it would happen"....
When Morgan and I had been married oh like 6 months...He said to me once...

Morgan: I cant wait until we can get a dog!

Me: Umm...I never want a dog!

(Side note, Morgan grew up with little house dogs and I grew up with big outside dogs!)
After a long pause...Morgan looked at me,

Morgan: Are you serious?
Me: Yes...I never want a dog!
Morgan: This is something we really should have talked about before we got married.

Like it was a deal breaker that I never wanted a dog. I know you might think that he was joking, but he was 100% SERIOUS!
Well fast forward many conversations and five years later...We finally own our own home. A home that you do not have to have special permission to have a pet or pay extra for a pet.
My nightmare was going to become a reality..It was just a matter of time.
Well I finally caved..This was a battle I knew I would never win.
So I gave my lists of demands:
1. We would not get the unknown animal until Morg was done with school for the summer.
2. I would get to have final say on the animal.
3. I got to name the pet!
4. Morgan would be the one to clean up all mishaps (the dirty stuff).
5. Instead of buying a puppy, we would adopt our puppy from the Human Society of Utah. If we are going to adopt our children we should also adopt our pets. It only seemed right!

Well let me introduce you to...Mable Baby Lee Thompson (Mable)

This was her first day in our home...Morgan was IN LOVE!

Last week Morgan was sick and Mable would not leave his side!

So the thing that I never thought would happen is...I am in love with this animal! I do all of the things I said I would never do! I hold her like my baby...I talk like she is my baby! I love her so much! She has already become a part of our little family. She is just the most chill little dog! I am so happy we brought her home. Morgan constantly gives me the look...I told you so!