Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Cutter Show

Does anyone know what I mean by cutter show? If not I will explain....
A cutter show is a TV/Movie Program that you watch and it makes you want to cut your wrists, pop your eyeballs out, throw heavy and sharp objects at the TV. Usually people close to you know what your cutter show is and when they walk into the room and catch you watching it they say, "Seriously Brittney, Why are you watching this again?" Well that might just be what I hear but others "Might" understand what I am talking about.
Well now that I have explained that.....I am about to announce my cutter show...
in 3....2.....1.....
Teen Mom
on MTV
I am obsessed with this show....obsessed might not really cut it. On Thursday we were playing with our nieces the flower shop game (explanation later). Well Morgan and I acted out an entire scene from Teen Mom and the nieces had no idea what we were talking about. They did think we were so funny though.
Teen Mom is a reality show that follows the lives of teenagers that were first on 16 and Pregnant and it has now been 2 years and they are now 18 and 19.
Well I would like to take this time to address them personally....(I know I am crazy, you do not need to tell me.)

Dear Caitlin and Tyler,

I have to list you first because you are my most very very favorite!! You two are wiser beyond your years. As a woman who prays everyday to adopt a baby, I wish that EVERY teenager in America would watch a full hour of you both. I am so proud of the choices you have made and have watched you both grow into the most wonderful, responsible people! Your little Carly will be grateful everyday for the choices you made!
When I watch the way your Mom treats you Caitlin it makes me want to move you here, put you in my guest bedroom and hug you everyday!
I cried and cried when I watched your reunion with Carly and her adoptive parents. They have so much gratitude for you both. You both have changed there lives and they will forever love you!!

Dear Maci,

It was sad to watch your break-up and I am sad that you moved away from your family and friends just to have your heart broken. You are such a good little Mom. Out of You, Farrah and Amber you are by far the best little Mom. I hope you and Ryan can co-parent together and create a happy environment for Bently.

Dear Farrah,

When you are reading a 4 page letter to your one year old daughter and she looses interest...DO NOT GET MAD AT HER. She is only one! I would tune you out after the first page and I am 29! I know you try very hard but you can not quit therapy. You need therapy! Your Mom is a little crazy, I will give you that. But C'mon...Be Nice!! And for the love!!...Please stop calling your Dad by his first name.

Dear Amber,

You are such a MESS! If I knew where you lived I would drive there and offer you every penny I have to let me adopt your daughter! The fact that you freaked out at Gary because he didn't want your stranger boyfriend changing Lea's diaper pretty much explains it all. Get off the freaking couch and play with your poor, cute, beautiful daughter . When I see her crying at the door and I see you yelling at her (from the couch) to stop....well...(that is the point I want to cut myself, throw something, pop my eyeballs out)
I could dedicate a entire post just to you...but...I am a classy lady! I actually have to stop thinking about you because I am getting so mad!!

So there you have it....judge away. I don't even care!
Thank You MTV for putting such quality programs on TV. Especially though my husband Thanks You!!


Cassie said...

Oh Brit you kill me! I've never seen either of those shows but you have peaked my interest. Hey, when are you coming over?!?!

Meredith and Jason said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I totally feel the same way about this show. I don't have cable so I can't really watch it, but I did catch a marathon of it on a flight a couple of months ago and I couldn't tear my eyes away from it the whole flight! It made me cry, actually, and my husband thought I was nuts! :) And I agree- I just love Catilin and Tyler! :)

Meg said...

oH my gosh! You are a dork! Thats funny! I wish there was a way they could read this! And ps.. Amber makes me want to punch her in the face. I hate her!