Wednesday, November 30, 2011

H A L L O W E E N 2011

This was Gavin's Halloween Costume this year...So freaking cute! When we were shopping for a costume it came down to this and a dragon. I loved both but couldn't decide. Morgan said to me, "Well you only have a couple of years that you can dress him like a chicken so you might as well do it now." So he was my little chicken for Halloween. Holidays are so much more fun with everything else he just makes everything so much better!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Growing so fast....

Well little Gavin is getting so big so makes me sad! I'm excited for him to get bigger but I want to soak in every little second of does scare me to think that he might be my only baby. So I don't want to miss out on anything!!
I decided to put together a monthly timeline in pictures so you could see how big he is getting.....
Is he not the cutest baby you have ever seen?? Every time I look at him my heart melts....I just cant kiss him enough! He is five months now almost six.
I wish I had done this every month but I might as well start now..instead of not starting at all.
At five months he is:
Playing with his hands all of the time
Loves to stand (with us holding his hands)
Rolling...cant get him to stop
Talking to us...a-goo a-goo a-goo
Watching the dogs
Loves Apple Sauce & Sweet Potatoes
Loves the water!!
Loves giving kisses to his mama on the cheek...there slobbery but I love them!
Holding his own bottle...he gets frustrated when we try to hold it
Loves listening to his Mom sing...finally I have an there Mr. Findlay!!!
I love everything about him but especially:
When I get him out of his crib..his smile is priceless
His laugh
When he grabs my face and sucks on my cheek
Watching him and Morgan together
Rocking him to sleep
Singing/Reading to him
Staying home with him
His little bum (awkward???)
So its pretty much a total love fest between the two of us. I feel so incredibly blessed and cant imagine my life without him. Next month we will finalize our adoption and go to the temple...awwwwww.....insert total bliss!!!