Monday, June 2, 2008

Ten things that I Love Today....
1. My Mother-in-law Cindy (I have always loved her, but today we just had a conversation we should have had like a year ago so it was a good day.)
2. Financial Aid (Can I get an Amen?)
3. So you think you can dance. My favorite summer show! The BEST competition show on TV except for Mary Murphey.
4. Erin, friend to Bekah! I had such a crappy feel sorry for myself day and then I realized that I am not the only one going through crappy stuff! Thank You
5. The warm weather!
6. My new very cute summer clothes! My husband told me to buy some summer clothes. So right before Florida I went out and spent a lot of his hard earned money.
7. Re-Connecting with old friends!
8. Whitening peoples teeth! Especially when they have always wanted white teeth and then because of me...Bam they have white teeth! It's my gift to the world!
9. Vacations!
10. The game Ticket to Ride!! I played it five times this last weekend and won 4 out of 5! I was so proud of myself and I might have rubbed it in poor Keily's face a little to much! Sorry Kei!!


Liza said...
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Lenzi said...

Love, love, LOVE So You Think You Can Dance!! Just one more AMAZING reason to love summer! And I think you should pass your whitening skills my way! :)

The Allen Family said...

I hadn't ever watched So You Think you Can Dance but I've watched a few this season and so far it's been pretty entertaining. And we love games but I've never heard of Ticket to Ride, maybe we'll have to check it out.