Monday, June 23, 2008

Can't anybody just have a bad day anymore??

If you are the type of person who is happy everyday and never experiences a bad day...then stop reading now!
My day started at 3:37 am...With the worst dream! I had tears running down my face from the fear that I had just experienced while I should be sleeping peacefully. I then woke up at 7 am feeling sad and the overwhelming feeling that said, "Brittney, Stay in bed! This is not your day!" I should have listened...Dang It!
I got to work and it started like a regular day. BUSY! Then after hitting my head not once, not twice but 5 freaking times! It was the world saying, TOLD YA SO! I then got through the first patient thinking, OK I can turn this day around. Then came our second patient. During the procedure I got dowsed with water by my un-knowing employer. You need to know that I DO NOT LIKE GET TO WET---AGAINST MY OWN WISHES! Friendships have ended because of water fights that I have be included in. Anyway... Instead of a Sorry. I got a, That was Awesome. (Wait let me get my inner ghetto girl out. ) Oh no you didn't!!
The day went on with the stupid credit union, a scary lady in my ward calling me 20 times. And just one thing after another! To end the day at work I felt a small sense of peace, No more Patients! As soon as that thought popped in my head, my co-worker, my buddy, my friend said to me, "Are you going to be pissy all week?" Damnit when did this day turn into a week! Can't a girl just get a break! Was I grumpy? Yes! Was I quiet? Yes! Did I just want to be left alone and finish the day as fast as I could? YES! As soon as that statement left her mouth I thought to myself...Holy Crap...I work with my Mom. (Love Ya CLT)
As I was driving home I got flipped off because I...Wait NO REASON! The world laughed at me today with a big fat...Listen to me next time!
I took my hubby some dinner at work and I was driving home I thought that I deserved a treat! My favorite on a bad day is a 7-11 Pepsi and popcorn. I then realized that I did not have my debit card. I looked up to the sky and said... Please Lord let me have change in my car! And there in the change holder was $1.16 in change! I looked up and said, Big Guy you always have my back!
Tomorrow is a new day... And so far the score is... World-1 Brittney-0


Brittney said...

Well your day will definitely be better today because we're going to dinner. I'm SO excited to see you! Hope your day at work improved today as well. Hang in there sister!

Rebekah said...

Oh my goodness! What a freaking nightmare of a day! I'm sorry I added to that. Next time, call me and say "Bekah, shut the hell up!" In you best Ghetto Girl accent of course. Brit's right - today will be better! ;) I'm so excited for dinner.

Liza said...

I am so sorry that you had a crappy day. Those days suck!! I hope that you have better ones ahead!!

Levi & Meg said...

BRITT!!! After me venting about my Sh...Y Day you just listened!! You should have said something about your Shi..Y day!! I'm sorry!! You should have called me!!

Danielle said...

Man, that is the craps! Don't you hate days like that? The good can only get better. Right? :) How are you anyways? Besides having a crappy day?

Anna Heywood said...

I can't believe you were having such a terrible day and yet you took the time to write me such a sweet note. You totally made my day when I read it. You are definitely allowed to have a rotten day, but I amazed with the thoughtfulness you were still able to have through it all. Bringing your husband dinner, writing my nice note, not yelling at your boss & friend, etc. Way to be!

Dillon and Christie said...

Oh wow, that was a bad day, but if it makes you feel ANY better at all, you sure made my day since your blog entry was so dang funny! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have some better days:).