Wednesday, December 31, 2008

There is nothing that I love more....

then after 2 days of puking your guts out, fevers, hot flashes, body aches, pj's--- basically just the total craps. The day you finally feel better and decide to venture back into the world of make-up, hair spray, clean clothes (that do not have an elastic waist) and shaving. And it totally makes you feel like a million bucks!!
So CHEERS to the New Year! I think it is a good omen, especially for how big my hair is. The bigger the hair, the better year you have! --Brittney Thompson

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Best Compliment!!

Today in all of my hustle and bustle I decided to treat myself and stopped in to Lovely Nails for a quick Manicure. Don't my finger nails look so pretty and festive!

Well anyway...the lady who was giving my manicure gave me the best compliment! Usually when I go in there I am so paranoid because they always ask me if I want a wax..pointing to my eyebrows. I in turn always tell them no not today..Like I would ever let anyone wax my eyebrows. I really try to shape them myself. Everytime they ask me this I think of the episode on friends when Joey goes to get his eyebrows waxed and it hurts him so much that he ends up having Chandler (and his delicate hands) do the other one.
Well not today...She instead told my that they were very well shaped! And then asked me who did them. I looked up with such surprise and said Loud and Proud....I do them myself. She then told me I did a very good job! So I thought I should include a picture so you all could see what I was talking about. I didn't mean for the picture to turn out so weird!

I may be chubby but past that chubby body lays some smokin hot eyes!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Why I will be a good parent.....#1

So today was Friday and I usually watch my nieces on Fridays. Well today we needed to go to Toys R Us to look for a present for someone who will rename nameless until after Dec. 16th. Anyway...We pull into the parking lot and my very very smart 6 year old niece asks...

Rorie: Brit Brit (my nickname for the day) Why are we here?

Myself: I need to look for a gift.

Rorie: (Says to her 3 year old sister Peighton) They have a lot of toys here Peighton.

We get out of car and start walking in.

Rorie: Are you going to buy us something?

Peighton: (With a huge smile on our face) Your going to buy us something?!?!

Myself: (The fastest I have ever been able to come up with something) I would love to buy you something but Santa told me not to. He was afraid that I would buy the same thing that he was planning on giving you and he would be so sad!

Rorie: Yea...That sounds right! Peighton we have to wait until after Christmas!

Now I know that it is not good to lie to your children but come one..I did a pretty good dang job! There was no begging, no arguing, no tears and no headaches. (All of which would have come from me.) I had so much fun with them! They are the two cutest little things! And sense I dont have my own kids to brag about...I get to brag about them.
Here are a couple of cute pictures I snapped during the day!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama!

These are my Very Cute Beautiful parents! Well on Saturday was my Mama's birthday and also there 28th wedding anniversary! So I wanted to list 47 reason why I love my Mom for her birthday! (Hmmm...I wonder why I would choose the number 47??) Here goes...

1. Because she is so Beautiful!
2. She is my best friend!
3. She finally knows how to round brush her hair.
4. She makes really yummy banana bread.
5. She was always so nice to all of our friends growing up.
6. Still is so nice to all of our friends.
7. Loves my Husband...Sometimes I think a little more then me.
8. Loves my Dad
9. Always has put her kids and hubby before her self.
10. She has amazing FAITH!
11. She sat next to me in the Temple when I was sealed to Morg.
12. Was the first person I saw in the Celestial room after going thru for the first time.
13. Whispered to me as I was changing "Don't worry everything will be ok."
14. Her love for Diet Coke (Or addiction)
15. When she gets really nervous at the dentist and then tells me I am really good at my job.
16. She is daring enough to not wear a bra.
17. Dancing in her bath robe.
18. How excited she is to be a Grandma!
19. Her love for her Parents
20. Her love for her siblings
21. That she keeps a journal. One that we can read after she dies and the other she wants burned! (Dont worry Mom, I got your back on that one)
22. That she calls me at least every other day to check in on me.
23. That if I say I am thirsty, you bring me a glass of water.
24. That you always listened to me cry.
25. When I would cry over dumb boys you always told me I deserved better.
26. That you encouraged me to give Morg a chance.
27. Your cute little body!
28. Your sense of humor.
29. You have the best handwriting
30. Your yummy chili verde...Please make it again!
31. When you and Dad dance together at concerts....So embarrassing!
32. That you let me decorate your house.
33. That Morgan calls you ....YOM (Your other mother)
34. That when I am sick I would rather have you around then my own husband. (He has good intentions)
35. When you cried dropping me off at college for the first time.
36. When you say...I Love You Honey
37. That you would slip me a Zanax so I would calm down on a family vacation.
38. That you are so much like your Mom.
39. That you doodle on paper when you talk on the phone.
40. All of the times you have helped me out financially.
41. That you always have been such a Mama Bear (Do not mess with her cubs!)
42. Watching you jump on the trampoline.
43. When you swear!
44. When you run with your feet really close together.
45. Kicking my A at Rummi!
46. Always cheering me up!
47. That you look so stinkin HOT at the age of 47! You give me something to hope for!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving in Pocatella

Well this year we traveled North for Thanksgiving! Morgan has family in Pocatello, Idaho. As much as I really dis-like Pocatello...I had a lot of fun! Morg has a Great family! We ate some good food and watched some funny movies. All in all it was a Great holiday!

(Left to Right) Tyler, Rorie, Sara, Mama Cindy, Me, Peighton and Morgan. We all matched so well...Except Morg.

The Ladies!
I love my Nieces! Peighton only wanted to sit on her Aunt Brittneys lap!