Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama!

These are my Very Cute Beautiful parents! Well on Saturday was my Mama's birthday and also there 28th wedding anniversary! So I wanted to list 47 reason why I love my Mom for her birthday! (Hmmm...I wonder why I would choose the number 47??) Here goes...

1. Because she is so Beautiful!
2. She is my best friend!
3. She finally knows how to round brush her hair.
4. She makes really yummy banana bread.
5. She was always so nice to all of our friends growing up.
6. Still is so nice to all of our friends.
7. Loves my Husband...Sometimes I think a little more then me.
8. Loves my Dad
9. Always has put her kids and hubby before her self.
10. She has amazing FAITH!
11. She sat next to me in the Temple when I was sealed to Morg.
12. Was the first person I saw in the Celestial room after going thru for the first time.
13. Whispered to me as I was changing "Don't worry everything will be ok."
14. Her love for Diet Coke (Or addiction)
15. When she gets really nervous at the dentist and then tells me I am really good at my job.
16. She is daring enough to not wear a bra.
17. Dancing in her bath robe.
18. How excited she is to be a Grandma!
19. Her love for her Parents
20. Her love for her siblings
21. That she keeps a journal. One that we can read after she dies and the other she wants burned! (Dont worry Mom, I got your back on that one)
22. That she calls me at least every other day to check in on me.
23. That if I say I am thirsty, you bring me a glass of water.
24. That you always listened to me cry.
25. When I would cry over dumb boys you always told me I deserved better.
26. That you encouraged me to give Morg a chance.
27. Your cute little body!
28. Your sense of humor.
29. You have the best handwriting
30. Your yummy chili verde...Please make it again!
31. When you and Dad dance together at concerts....So embarrassing!
32. That you let me decorate your house.
33. That Morgan calls you ....YOM (Your other mother)
34. That when I am sick I would rather have you around then my own husband. (He has good intentions)
35. When you cried dropping me off at college for the first time.
36. When you say...I Love You Honey
37. That you would slip me a Zanax so I would calm down on a family vacation.
38. That you are so much like your Mom.
39. That you doodle on paper when you talk on the phone.
40. All of the times you have helped me out financially.
41. That you always have been such a Mama Bear (Do not mess with her cubs!)
42. Watching you jump on the trampoline.
43. When you swear!
44. When you run with your feet really close together.
45. Kicking my A at Rummi!
46. Always cheering me up!
47. That you look so stinkin HOT at the age of 47! You give me something to hope for!


The Allen Family said...

That was cute. Your mom looks like your sisters twin! (Well, I guess it would be the other way around...)

Christie said...

What a great list! I remember your mom being so sweet to us all, and your dad was totally funny when we were around. She does look great!

Levi and Meg said...

Brittney...just when I think you have done enough for me you go above and beyond. Could this be that I was complaining that I didn't have any gifts or talents? Well I just want you to know its easy to be a good mom when you have great kids. I love you very much, thank you for making my night with this blog you are a sweetheart!!! Love MOM

Sinilyn said...

brit that's so sweet! i love holly bell too! hey brit...wanna decorate MY house in april...or at least help me? it would give us an excuse to hang out...

Danielle said...

Awww, I heart Holly Bell too. Your mom is so AWESOME Britt. I can think of a few reasons why I love your mom too. The first one is because the first time I ever came to your house her and your dad were...well on the couch cookin' up a little sumthin' sumthin'!!! She is hilarious. She really was always so nice to your friends. She came to my farewell. She came to my homecoming. She came to my wedding. She got you a "Honeymoon" kit for your shower. Who elses mom does that? The list goes on. Can I call her Yom too? :)
You can send her my best wishes on her 47th birthday. Even though I know she's really only 37.