Sunday, September 28, 2008

School Day Blues!!

Welcome to the Brittney Pitty Party....
Well it is official!! I have the school day blues. I usually get them every semester about this time. The saddest part is...I'm not even a student. Morgan is in full school mode! He goes to work, school, work, back to school and then back to work. He comes home says hello, eats something and then it is off to the other room for homework. Last night he was up until five in the morning working on a project and then went into a sleep coma. I woke him up when I got home from church.
He told me today...I know that I am a crappy husband while I am in school, but there isn't a whole lot I can do about that.
So I feel like I am a lonely single person. I am trying to be super supportive...(Trying) being the key word here!
That is all I have to say about that! My poor husband. He is the one who deserves the pitty. But for right now...He is not invited to this pitty party. He will just have to have one himself!

I am sitting next to my husband while he continues his work on this project. Well he looked over and read what I was typing and then leaned over, kissed me on the cheek and said, "I Love You, I know this is crappy!" See I told you I was a terrible wife! He is the one doing all the work, I am complaining and he gives me sympathy! Dang... Props to Morgan James!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I was tagged by my cute friend Danielle. Check at the very end to see if you have been tagged. Here are the rules: You have to take 10 random pictures in your home. She had rules what you had to take them of. I am changing it because I don't have two of the things listed. No straitening, cleaning or wiping any kids nose. Then you tag 6 more people.

This is just a random picture of my fridge. I have really cute magnets though!

I made Caramel Popcorn today...It is yummy!!!

This has been my latest project. Before these shelves were filled with DVD's. I decided to store those and I got all of these cute things to put on the cute shelve instead. I was very pleased how it turned out.

This was the best thing that happened to me this weekend. I found this cute bag at the Utah State Fair.

These are my new shoes that I wore to a wedding on Saturday.

This is the only thing I look forward to getting in the mail.

These are all of Bekahs big ol wooden bowls that we are using at the wedding we are decorating on Saturday.

This is our work space. With our new fancy computer!

These are the cards I made today for the Elite Card Club I am in. Lenzi...Eat your heart out!

And last but not least this is my husband doing what he calls...Vegging! He has not sat down to watch TV since he started school three weeks ago. Poor Guy!

I now tag My Sister, Keily, Lenzi, Dezi, Lindsey, Bekah
(Sorry for changing the rules Danielle)

My Detox Is Over!!

I am proud to announce that it has been 11 days 18 hours and 32 minutes since my last hit! Ok the exact time might have been exaggerated. The headaches are gone, I no longer have the craving I am on my road to recovery.
My drug of choice....

See I have gone without carbonation before for actually 3 years I never drank soda. And then one day I had a sip and then that turned into two sips. Then I had a whole can. Well just before I gave it up it was 32 oz almost every other day. More on the weekend. I knew it was out of my system for sure when I went to the good ol 7-11 to see my friend Happy. (7-11 Employee--Good Guy) I was there to get the husband a 32 oz. He is not ready to quit yet. Well I picked up the drink and headed home. I did not even take a sip! Did I have the desire to drink the entire thing...Heck Yes I did. But I resisted! I am so proud of myself! So my message is to anyone out there battling these addictions.... Its never too late to quit!
I dedicate this post to Happy...You may have lost my business but you have not lost our friendship!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thoughts of 9-11

I was thinking a lot today about 9-11 today. I like everyone else can remember exactly what I did that day. I even remember what I wore that day (Seems Silly) but I remember everything about that day. My Aunt lives in New Jersey and in November of 01' two months after that terrible day Myself, Cousins Stormy and Nichole went back east to visit her and my other cousin Lacey. No one at that time was flying anywhere and so we were able to get our tickets for $100 round trip. We went to NYC for the day. This was not my first time to NYC. I had been there twice before. So I knew what those buildings had looked like. Well on that trip it was like a completely new city. It was so somber! These are my scrapbook pages of that trip.

I will never forget going to that City right after that had happened. So I just wanted to put my thoughts out there. I will never forget anything about that day!