Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thoughts of 9-11

I was thinking a lot today about 9-11 today. I like everyone else can remember exactly what I did that day. I even remember what I wore that day (Seems Silly) but I remember everything about that day. My Aunt lives in New Jersey and in November of 01' two months after that terrible day Myself, Cousins Stormy and Nichole went back east to visit her and my other cousin Lacey. No one at that time was flying anywhere and so we were able to get our tickets for $100 round trip. We went to NYC for the day. This was not my first time to NYC. I had been there twice before. So I knew what those buildings had looked like. Well on that trip it was like a completely new city. It was so somber! These are my scrapbook pages of that trip.

I will never forget going to that City right after that had happened. So I just wanted to put my thoughts out there. I will never forget anything about that day!


Cassie said...

I totally remember that day. I was at USU. My roommates and I NEVER had the tv on in the morning, but for some reason someone wanted to watch Good Morning America that day. We went to our various classes (late) and all ended up home early because the professors canceled class. We then proceeded to watch the news for the rest the day, in total disbelief. A very somber day...

Danielle said...

I like your scrapbook pages. I totally forgot abou 9-11 this year, and wondered why there was a flag in our yard. Then I remembered. Duh. I was in the MTC on 9-11, so it's still a strange memory for me, because I saw none of it on t.v.
By the way, I tagged you on my blog...check out what you are supposed to do!