Sunday, September 14, 2008


I was tagged by my cute friend Danielle. Check at the very end to see if you have been tagged. Here are the rules: You have to take 10 random pictures in your home. She had rules what you had to take them of. I am changing it because I don't have two of the things listed. No straitening, cleaning or wiping any kids nose. Then you tag 6 more people.

This is just a random picture of my fridge. I have really cute magnets though!

I made Caramel Popcorn today...It is yummy!!!

This has been my latest project. Before these shelves were filled with DVD's. I decided to store those and I got all of these cute things to put on the cute shelve instead. I was very pleased how it turned out.

This was the best thing that happened to me this weekend. I found this cute bag at the Utah State Fair.

These are my new shoes that I wore to a wedding on Saturday.

This is the only thing I look forward to getting in the mail.

These are all of Bekahs big ol wooden bowls that we are using at the wedding we are decorating on Saturday.

This is our work space. With our new fancy computer!

These are the cards I made today for the Elite Card Club I am in. Lenzi...Eat your heart out!

And last but not least this is my husband doing what he calls...Vegging! He has not sat down to watch TV since he started school three weeks ago. Poor Guy!

I now tag My Sister, Keily, Lenzi, Dezi, Lindsey, Bekah
(Sorry for changing the rules Danielle)


Rebekah said...

Oooo - I love tags! Thanks for thinkin of me. :)

ps - your cards are super cute!

Danielle said...

That's all right...Love your stuff. I want a shelf like the one you have. Where did you get it? I'm decorating my basement in black...couch, entertainment center, ect. Cute purse too!

Lenzi said...

Those are DANG cute! Can't wait to get mine in the mail! How about I love your computer desk area....Mine's a scrapbook/ computer desk nightmare! You should come help me make it cute like yours. :)

The Allen Family said...

Those cards you made are WAY cute! How did you come up with that idea? I love making my cards, but mine look like something a kid would make compared to yours. :) And I didn't know you decorated for weddings... how did you get started in that?

Brittney said...

Dez...I just started decorating for weddings. And thanks for liking my cute cards. I think I just thought of the idea. I like the way they turned out.

Brittney said...

Lloyd...I bought my shelves at IKEA and they are dark brown. Just in case you thought they were black.

Dillon and Christie said...

Hey, that's one of the better tags I've seen--that popcorn looks so yummy!

Dillon and Christie said...

Oh, and way cool that you decorate for weddings!