Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Re-Cap!!

I live and work for my weekends! So I have decided that every Monday I will give a re-cap of my weekend! No matter what the weekend consisted of....Because I know you are all dying to know, What do people do for 3 full days without kids???
The best part is, I dont work on Fridays!! Morgan only worked a half day so he was home early. We went to Roberts so I could find something to create for my Easter decoration. Reason 113 Why Morgan is the best husband: because he will always go to Roberts with me without one complaint out of his mouth! (I secretly think he enjoys it) I was able to create a cute little table decoration for under 25 dollars. See Picture below....
The runner was marked down 30% off, the tin container I used the 40% off coupon. I got the eggs at 30% off. And I just filled the tin with some grass/twine stuff that was only 2 dollars! Another tip that I have is to go to Roberts right after the hoilday and you can get really great deals for next years holiday!
Later that evening we had Keily and Bryan over for some Rock Band! Had some food and Rocked Out! Then Morgan and I snuggled up and watched the Moive, King of California!
Saturday: Slept in, had a yummy breakfast! Then we went to Hale Center Theatre (We have season tickets) to see Civil War, starring Merrill Osmond! Yea Right...He didn't show up! I think they are just using his name to sale tickets! It was really good though! It is amazing what they do with there stage! I give this play 3 stars (Out of 5). Then we went and looked at a model home in Daybreak. (We like to pretend that we are ready to buy a house and have lots of money, the truth is that we are not ready for that kind of commitment!) Then to top off the evening we played some more Rock Band with Matt and Kelly! We will refer to them as Sno White and Thor (Thats there Rocker names)
Sunday: Early Church especially with the daylight savings! The best Sunday nap ever! (3 hours) then off to Aunt Kristys house for dinner. The highlight was Morgan and Megan trying to give Riley a swirlie and there rubber band war!
Well that was my weekend! To top it all of which made my Monday not so AWFUL...I got this really cute Nine West bag from TJ Maxx for only 25$.
I hope everyone had a great weekend! Only 3 more work days to go!!!


Danielle said...

Love your easter decorations!! I need to haul my bootylicious out to Roberts and buy some cute deco.

Anna Heywood said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend. You are such a good shopper too!

Thanks for your text last night. It totally cracked me up! We really should get together sometime and just have a girls night that would be really fun!

Levi & Meg said...

Your welcome for telling you about TJ Max's purses!! And next time is a Definate swirly! That was a fun dinner!

Dillon and Christie said...

Wow Brittney--I love your easter decoration! It is so flippin' cute! Great job!