Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tatar Tot Casserole

Morgan and I went to the store a week ago and he asked me if I would cook something new for dinner. That means in code, "Would you cook something my Mom used to make." I asked him what he would like and he said, Tatar Tot Casserole.


I have never eaten a Casserole! Growing up I don't think my Dad liked food mixed together so we never had them. I have also never had hamburger helper. My dad hated it and my Mom tried to make it one time and he caught her!
Well I agreed to make it for my sweet husband!....And I Brittney Thompson actually really liked Tatar Tot Casserole! The best part though was Morgan said it was better then how he remembered it! But one thing for sure...It did not look as good as it tasted!


Dillon and Christie said...

So, where is the recipe???:)

The Hoods said...

Hey Brittney! I found your blog through megan's who I think got mine through stef. It's fun to see you. I don't think I knew you married somebody from school. PS I like Tatar Tot Casserole also!