Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You need to find the humor in all things....

I would like to share a story that will allow you a glimpse of how royally broken I am...(Literally)
So someone (for confidential purposes we will call this lady Barbara) Anyway...Barbara called me and told me that she had gone to the Dr. to try and find out why she was not getting pregnant. Well she was telling me how everything went and the her Dr. had suggested she go on some miracle drug called Privera. That he had found HUGE success in women getting pregnant from taking this drug. She asked what he would suggest over Clomed (The drug from hell). He said he would put anyone on Privera instead of Clomed. Well he was hopeful that she could be pregnant from this drug within months. Well after hanging up with Barbara I called my mom frantic and so upset, Why had my Dr. not ever suggested this miracle drug. I mean come on...these Dr's shared a freakin office. Why was I not clued in on this little secret that had such a huge success rate.
"Mother, blah blah blah...Why did he not ever put me on the drug called Privera?"
"Brittney...Honey... (just side reference, my mom filled all of my prescriptions for 3 years) You did take Privera with Clomed."
"Oh...that sucks!"
So I was taking this so called miracle drug with the hell drug for THREE, 3, tres years and NOTHING!!!
I had to laugh because of course I am that broken! Stupid broken in-fertile Brittney! Go ahead and laugh at yourself!


Amber and Eric said...

That's a pretty funny story. We love ya and pray for a babay for you! (And Morgan of course)

Meredith and Jason said...

The hell drug?! That's not what I want to hear!!! (I JUST started Clomid.)