Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Come and Support Adoption

We need EVERYONE who reads this to immediately copy and paste it to there blog! Lets spread the word people!
We are having our Yard Sale this coming
Saturday August 22 from 8 to 3
8085 South Leslie Drive (3905 West)
We are doing this for two reasons...
1. To raise money for our adoption fees.
2. To make contact with people we never would otherwise.
Please come and support us! We have many pieces of furniture, an electric dryer, lots of clothes for kids and adults, prom dresses and even wedding dresses!


Amber and Eric said...


If you still want our stuff we have it ready for you. I am hoping for a great turnout for you guys! We love ya.

Christie said...

Hey Britt, what time is the Yard Sale starting? I'd like to include that in the post:). Hope you got a ton of stuff! And I hope a ton of people show up:).

Christie said...

Oops, just kidding. When I pasted it, it didn't show up the same. I see it now:).