Monday, March 9, 2009

Blog Spotlight

I have not really been on top of these as I would have liked! So for my next spotlight...
Megan...My sista!
I wanted to spotlight my sister because she is having an exciting year! Megan and her long time boyfriend Levi are getting married June 19th. I am so excited for them! Levi is a good match for my sister and they make me laugh. Megan is so excited to me the proud Mama of Lexi and Riley (Levis Dogs).
On Friday night my sister went to the dreaded grocery store for me. I was so shocked that she actually volunteered. Because who in there right mind would volunteer that.
When we were growing up Megan and I would fight so so much! My Mom would always tell me that I should be nice because my friends are going to come and go but I will always have my sister. Well she was not kidding. My sister is one of my Best Friends! She makes me laugh and is always fun to have around. I love the relationship Morgan and Megan have and I am so grateful she is my sister.
Meg I am so excited for all of the things you are going to do this year and I know you will be a Great wife and Mom (One day). Levi is a Super Lucky guy to have you! And I will do my best to convince him not to smash cake in your face.


Kelly Stubbs said...

I agree, your sister Megan is wonderful! :)

Levi and Meg said...

Kelly Stubbs.. I can't see your cute blog!!

Thanks Bert! Proud mamma.... YEAH RIGHT!! I hate Riley!!

Danielle said...

Ahhhh Megan! I'm so stinkin' excited!!! Tell her congratulations for me! Actually, maybe I'll wander on over to her blog and tell her myself. That is so cool. I bet you are so excited to get to help plan it.