Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blog Spotlight

Even though we still do not have the internet (I am at Morgys work) I thought I would do another spotlight.
Today I would like to spotlight my cute upstairs neighbor Kelly. Well for the last two years she has been my upstairs neighbor. Driving home today I was a little sad thinking that I have no idea what she is doing. Kelly and her husband Matt have become our very good friends! We always tease Morg and Matt that they are having a bro-mance.
Kelly is the sweetest person and would do anything for anyone. She is a wonderful wife and mother. She has the two most beautiful kids Rachel and Conner.
From the second I met Kelly I knew that we would become friends. I think it was our love for Big Business that brought us together.
Kelly I am really going to miss living underneath you and your cute little family. Thanks for always being there for me and getting excited over the little dumb things that happen in my life.
I Love You Kelly Stubbs!


Kelly Stubbs said...

Thanks Brittney, I miss you already :)