Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This year for Valentines Day Morgan and I decided to get out of town! So we headed south! We stayed a night in St. George with Grandma and Grandpa and then headed to Las Vegas! Usually I hate Las Vegas. We usually just go for the day and end up walking up and down the dirty strip and then going back to St. George. This time Morg got us a room at Treasure Island! Our room was so so Nice. The hotel is being remodeled and we were able to stay on a floor that had been completed. The room was super swank!

While we were there we decided to live it up and go to a show. We got tickets to the "Blue Man Group". In the picture above I had just finished getting ready for the show. I couldn't get Morgs attention so I took the picture myself. I'm so clever!
The next day we ordered room service for breakfast! Very over-priced but worth it! I love ordering room service! Then we headed out for a day of shopping! We had gone to Ceaser's palace the day before and we were doing some window shopping. I found this really cute bag at the Guess store. It was $98. Which I think is way way to much to spend on a bag! Except when I am really rich. (Hey a girl can dream.) Anyway Morg wanted me to buy it. He said I never splurge on myself. Anyway we managed to get out of the store with just a shirt for him. (His point exactly) The next day we were at the fashion show mall when we saw another guess store. Morg talked me into buying the bag with a matching wallet. We walked out of the store and I had such buying remourse! We got maybe 50 feet when I turned to Morgan and begged him to take the bag back. Against his wishes he returned both items! I felt so much better. But then went on to buy a new pair of shoes, jacket and a new shirt. So I did splurge a little!
We then went back to St. George. The plan was to leave the next day but we decided we had not had enough of the warm weather. So we stayed an extra day and went to the parade of homes! Talk about Splurge I almost bought a 5.9 million dollar home! YEA RIGHT!! I have decided that People just have way to much money!


The Allen Family said...

Wow! How fun! Must admit, I'm a little jealous... :) And taking a picture in the mirror... genius! (You look cute!) And I think I'm with you, $98 for one bag is a bit much, no matter how rich you are, and YEA for getting other things!

Danielle said...

That sounds so fun. Awww, I was just remembering a trip a few years back that we all took to Vegas. Good times. I'm glad you had such a great V-day. We spent ours watching LOST...which we've never even watched before, so it made no sense. Maybe someday a vacation! :)

Dillon and Christie said...

How fun! I love shopping, unfortunately I end up taking back a ton of stuff because of guilt:).

Levi & Meg said...

You must have been having a good make up and hair day! Thats usually when you take self portraits! But you do look cute. Morgans a Nerd!

Lenzi Woodbury said...

I'm so glad you got to spend time at my favorite place: Fashion Show Mall! And I'm a little sad that you didn't splurge on yourself by getting the Guess bag....but I can't blame you, I'm the same way! There are 4 kids & a cute husband that I'd ALWAYS much rather buy for! Call me next time you are in town and I'll help you get the Guess bag..... :)