Friday, January 25, 2008

Our Love Story

After writing my last blog all about my husband it has made me think a lot about how we came together. I want to share that with anyone who cares to read about us!
Morgan and I met when we were Sophmores in High School! When I really started to get to know Morgan was our Junior year. I was asked to homecoming by Beau Andersen. Morgan and Beau were best friends. I remember thinking to myself that I felt sorry for Morgan's date because he was not talking to her. Well there was Beau, Eric and Morgan. We became this group! Our senior year there lockers were right across from mine. I stopped to talk to them every morning. Everyday trying to convince them to skip a class and go to lunch or breakfast. Not one time did I succeed! Anyway...Graduated and its time for Beau and Eric to go on missions! At that time Morgan was a friend but I was a lot closer to Beau and Eric. They both left like 2 weeks apart from each other. Morgan was then stuck with me! That is when it began! Morgan and I did everything together. We would argue like a married couple and say to each other that we needed a two week break from each other. Then the next day one of us would call to do something! Morgan lived at my house and became very close to my family! Morgan always came to my family dinners. My Aunt Joleen once asked Morgan, "Morgan, when Beau comes home from his mission and wants to come to dinner what are we going to do?" Really meaning what are you going to do? Morgan replied, "I guess you will have to set another place." He knew he wasn't going anywhere.
Fast forward and Beau and Eric return from there missions. Morgan and I remain friends but I distance myself from Beau and Eric. Well it had been a year since we had all kind of settled into doing our own thing. This was the summer of '03. Morgan started acting really strange. The bubble that he had ALWAYS had, somehow went away! He was showing up at my work and washing my car and bringing me slurpees! It never dawned on me that he had liked me! I was going on a lot of bad dates. And after every bad date I would call Morgan and tell him all about it.
Well Morgan was showing his affection more and more.
I started to feel very un-settled in my life! Everyone told me to give Morgan a shot but it scared me to much to even think about! One night I decided to pray to my Heavenly Father asking him to help me to be happy! I didn't ask to be married or to even be in a relationship I just wanted peace in my life and to be HAPPY!
The next night I was at a friends and came home to find Morgan waiting for me. Everyone had gone to sleep and I found Morgan sitting on our couch in the dark. I sat on the couch and laid my head on his lap! I then felt so much Content! I know it sounds so cheesy but it was so overwhelming! I looked at Morgan a whole different way after that.
To sum things up the following week we went to St. George, made out on my Grandparents porch....Then were married in the Salt Lake Temple on August 5, 2004!


Levi & Meg said...

See! I always told you, you guys had your own lil bubble!! We all knew you guys would eventually hook up!!

Dillon and Christie said...

Oh, how cute! I have heard most of it, but not for a while:).

Danielle said...

Love this story! Love it even more because I was there for much of it. I believe I said all along that you guys would probably end up married! HAHA!