Monday, July 20, 2009

Road Trip

Well Morg and I decided to celebrate our Anniversary a little early due to time off at work. So we headed to Portland...First reaction...Kind a Lame. But I had never been before and Morgan has an Uncle and Aunt there that I had never met. So we decided to make it a week long vacation and drive the 900+ miles and head west. Usually I like to plan out our vacations with, places to visit, places to eat and have a game plan. This time we threw everything up in the air and headed out with NO PLAN! Thompsons are going crazy!
Well I knew that I would have fun because I always have fun with my hubby, but I had no idea how much I would LOVE Portland. It did help that Morgans family, Uncle Jack, Aunt Joe that we stayed with are the SWEETEST people. They have a beautiful home in Battleground, Washington that is in the country and surrounded by trees. They took such good care of us!
Well the first day we were there we headed into Portland to check out the city. We first went to the Japanese Garden and then the Rose Garden. Both were so so beautiful!
We then headed to a little shopping area to spend some quality alone time at
My Most favorite store...Ever! As we were walking in I gave Morgan the rules.
1. No dumb jokes
2. Give me my space
3. And dont rush me!
Sounds a little crazy....It is and I dont care! He was the best husband and followed all of the rules and even let me buy whatever I wanted! Seriously that goes very far in the
Well walking out of there I just didnt think this day could get any better......
As we walked around the corner the gates of heaven opened and there it was...
Cue the sounds of heaven....
At this point...I think Morgan said, Oh my hell! He had just lost his wife! I was like a kid in a candy store....Not even close because I never went down the candy isle or the toy isle of a store. I ALWAYS went down the paper isle. How many kids open a library in her room where family memebers could check out there own books and magazines.
Yes thats write...I even had a card catelog.
It was rediculous how much I loved that store. They had every kind of container you could imagine. They had a row of just filing folers in every color you could think of
(Post coming soon just on just that isle).
The rest of that day was a little bit of a blur...I was blissfully happy!
Well the rest of the vacation was another trip to Crate and Barrell, Morgan buying an Iphone, Going to Seattle for a night, Seeing the Salt Lake Bees play the Portland Beavers and lots of good food! I know most of this post was filled with all of my crazy OCD but it was AWESOME! I had such a fun time and Morgan was the sweetest! Pictures below....

Morgan and I at the Japaneese Garden overlooking downtown Portland

Morgan showing off his Kung Foo Panda Moves

The Famous Fish throwers at the Public Market

The best Farmers Market, the had flower bouguets
for only $10

So I am the only one who is allowed to make fun of my big hair and sometimes
when I do not straighten in...I say that it looks like the Red Head on Fraggle Rock.
Well ta da...they had a picture!


Amber and Eric said...

It looks like you guys ad a great time! I'm glad you got to take a road trip!

Cassie said...

Brittney - I love you! I'm glad you guys had fun. Can't wait to see pics of the CONTAINER STORE!!!

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

What a fun trip!!! My husband grew up in Oregon and we have always wanted to take a trip up there and along the coast! Glad you guys had a great time... and I must say I ahve never set foot inside a Crate and Barrel.... so you'll ahve to post pics of what you bought ;)