Sunday, April 5, 2009

Well first I want to get a huge high five!! I have finally figured out how to download images in the order I want them! Can I get a Woo Woo!! I am overwhelmed with joy about this!
Morgan and I LOVE being homeowners! We have had so much fun these last couple of weeks doing all sorts of cute things to our house!
The first project I am going to highlight is our little office. It is very important to us that no matter the room we make it cute. Morgan also spends a lot of time in this room so it had to be a nice place for him so he could get his creative juices flowing.
We put this room together for easily less then $150 total! Most of the things we already owned. Also we included a trip to Lowes and IKEA to top everything off.

Before Pictures


The shelves we got from IKEA they are 25 each and the frames
I already had. Instead of pictures in the 3 on the bottom shelf
I put three different sheets of scrapbook paper to add a little color!
I LOVE the way this room turned out!

We wanted to put something on the wall to break up the dark color. So
Morgan sketched this design out and we taped up the wall. This took us all day!
Thank Heavens for Conference on the radio!
I was kind of nervous about this at first....but I also Love it and think
it turned out so much better then I thought! The pain I have in
my arms from painting this is so worth it!


Levi and Meg said...

You two are so perfect together! Very cute room!! Lets start counting how many times I say that before every room is finished. I can't wait to see your place when it is ALL finished. Maybe Ikea will want pictures of your house in there magazine...

Sara (Ferreira) Haslam said...

Your office is so awesome! It makes me wish I owned a house so I could have something other than tan walls!!

The Allen Family said...

Wow!! That is SO awesome! You two are amazing. We've been in our house over 3 years and don't have any room that cute.

Amber and Eric said...

I love it! When we are home owners I am totally contracting you!

Brittney said...

Love, love, love it! Nice work!

Danielle said...

Awesome. Now, will you head on over to my house and do me an extreme home makeover? Decorating is not my thing, but I want my house to look cute.

The Bohman Family said...

You painted that??? Holy cow that is awesome. I thought it was vinyl. I still can't wait to see your house. Thanks for going out to lunch with us last week, it was nice to just hang out and talk.

Kelly Stubbs said...

Very cute!! We miss you guys :)

Erin and Matt said...

It looks amazing - and how great that Morgan designed the branch! So fun, great job!

Kim said...

This looks AMAZING! I can't believe you guys TAPED that on the wall! WHAT?!!! Can you do this with anything? My little girl's room needs some SERIOUS help! Do you hire out?

Erin and Matt said...

Hey Brittney - those baby shoes are from - such a cute website!