Friday, January 23, 2009

So yesterday was such a CRAPPY day. I just wanted to share this cute little thing that melted my heart!
So my Nieces were at our place last night (Which had nothing to do with why I was so sad) and I was sitting in my kitchen with tears streaming uncontrollably down my cheeks. Well in walks Peighton who is almost four....

Peighton: Britt what is wrong? (With a huge smile on her face)

Me: I am just sad!

Peighton: Why are you sad?

Me: Just Because! (I really was trying so hard not to cry! It could not be helped.)

Peighton: WHY!?!?

Me: I just am!

Peighton: (With a big sigh) Talk About It!

I think I was more the child and her the adult! My cute little Peighton who never kisses continued to give me kisses the rest of the night!


The Bohman Family said...

Oh Peighton is such a sweetheart! Don't you just love what little kids say.. How the heck can you not smile. I hope you are doing better Today anf let me know if you need to talk!

The Allen Family said...

How adorable! I hope you are doing better!

Sinilyn said...

oh my gosh...that makes ME want to cry. brit...if it makes you feel any better...i had such a horrible day time you need to cry call me and we'll cry together.

Lenzi said...

Read my blog. It will help you laugh and then giggle and then laugh some more. Cheer up Charlie!!