Thursday, November 6, 2008

Living in Sugarhood!

I learned recently that we reside in Sugarhood! We have one foot in Sugarhouse and then another foot in the Hood! I am writing this blog to vent my frustration! I love the neighborhood that we live in, the street, the cute little houses. Especially I love 500 East, that is my favorite street. Especially in the summer because it is like you are driving thru a tunnel of trees! Love!!
Well I love everything around us but.. I HATE OUR APARTMENT!! We live in a pithole! From the outside it looks like such a cute little building! And even from people that have ventured into our apartment. They would say, "What, a pithole! Are you kidding me?" And I would say, "I know it is so cute and clean and well organized, but it is a PITHOLE!" Let me list the reasons why it is such:
1. The ENOURMOUS Spiders that wait outside our bedroom door, bathroom door, front door living room..To eat us alive!
2. Our ghetto WINDOW air conditioning unit that doesn't seal all of the way and has to be taped shut!! GHETTO!
3. The half painted rooms (Because our landlord got to tired to paint the entire wall)
4. Our Painted bath tub!
5. The 30 year old bright orange carpet that leads you to our front door!
6. The pamplet our landlord gave us on instructing us to NOT eat the LEAD paint!
7. The fact that we share a water heater with our neighbors! If we flush they lose all water pressure. If they flush we are struck by freezing ice cold water. (Thats especially fun at 6:30 in the morning, or when I am shaving my legs!)
8. That none of our doors shut due to the amount of paint on the walls!
9. The amount of DIRT (NOT DUST, WAYNE) that comes out of our vents when the heat kicks on.
And last but not least......Number 10....
That I have to turn off all of the lights in our tiny apartment to BLOW DRY MY HAIR!! And if I dont, then you will have the chance to see me run out into the hall in my garments to flip the breaker! (Yes folks... I have done that!)
There you have it people....My list of why I live in a PITHOLE!
And it would not be a pithole if we did not have the worst Landlord of all time. Sure he raises our rent but does he ever do anything to fix anything...Heck No!! So Thank You Wayne..Without you we would live like Kings!


The Allen Family said...

Wow. Half painted walls and a painted bath tub? Poor Brittney. But you sure made me laugh. :)

Dillon and Christie said...

A PAINTED bathtub??? That's insane! I'm sorry Brittney--pictures would be so fun with this post:).

Brittney said...

I can definitely relate...I too was given a pamphlet about not eating lead paint when I moved in my apartment. Someday in the near future you guys will have a fabulous house!

Cassie said...

Oh honey, you gotta get out of there! There are two, that's right TWO houses directly North of me that are for sale. I'm just sayin...

Kelly Stubbs said...
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Danielle said...

Oh Britt, although I feel bad for your situation, I'm laughing my head off because you have such a great way of telling about it. I'm also imagining you running around in your G's trying to flip the breaker. I seriously have tears.

Kimberly said...

I didn't think your apartment was the hood and I did your homestudy!!! I am so glad that you found my blog. It is great to hear from you. Are you guys approved yet? Keep me posted and I will follow you through the blogging world.